Battle of New Orleans (Kat and Klaus’ POV)


        My name is Katherine Pierce, formerly Katerina Petrova, and I am human, formerly a 500 year old vampiress. I have been reunited with my daughter, Nadia Petrova. I have come to New Orleans to get Sophie to reverse and stop the side effects of the cure for vampirism that my doppelganger shoved down my throat. I probably deserve it for everything I’ve done to her loved ones, though. Davina did as I asked half an hour ago, since I found out that Sophie’s dead because of Celeste. Celeste is dead because of Elijah. Now I’m on my way to see Hayley and the Originals, excluding Rebekah. Davina told me what I missed, which is a lot. I should’ve come here sooner.

        As I walk down streets in search of them, I hear Hayley screaming. I follow her screams to Father Kieran’s church and walk inside.

        “Get away from her,” I say, realizing what these witches are planning to do.

        They look at me.

        I use my Traveler magic to throw them away from her. Klaus may have done horrible things, but his child and Hayley don’t deserve to be killed. Hayley’s suffered enough and the baby is innocent. Besides, I’ve been pregnant and I know what it’s like to have your child taken from you.

        I look at the wolf.

        “Hayley, push.”

        I look at the witches.

        “I really should kill you right here and right now, but I’m going to leave that to Klaus and Hayley, since it’s their child. Now get out while you still can.”

        I watch them leave, knowing who I am and what I’m capable of. I then turn to Hayley and kneel beside her where she’d lying on the floor, before instructing her on what to do.

        When the child was born and cleaned up and wrapped in a blanket, I help Hayley site up.

        “It’s a girl,” I inform her, before giving her the child.

        “Thank you. How did you know?”

        “I was pregnant before I met any of the Originals. I too had a daughter. We were recently reunited. She’s a vampire. Her name’s Nadia. I left her in Mystic Falls to help everyone there and keep her safe. If anyone found out, my enemies would use her to get to me. I can’t let that happen. Come on. We need to get you two somewhere safe.”

        I help her to her feet and Hayley follows me at my side.

        “Where are we going?” she asks me.

        “To Davina. She’ll protect you two. She owes me one. I’m going to make sure nothing happens to Elijah or Klaus.”

        When they’re with Davina, I go in search of Klaus and Elijah. It doesn’t take long to find the hybrid I ran from for 500 years, since he’s staggering through the street. He looks weak, which makes me think that a witch weakened him somehow.

        I slowly approach, knowing what he’s capable of. And as I get closer, I see that he’s hurt and not healing. This makes me wary, knowing he’s most likely hungry and I’m human.


        I stagger through the street after finding out what Genevieve did to me without my knowledge. Now, in my weakened state, I’m hungry. And as the minutes pass, I feel even more weak. Then my vision blurs and I find myself on the ground. I realize that no matter how much I want to save Hayley and our daughter, I can’t. Genevieve was right. I’m too weak to be of use to anyone right now. As I lay on the ground, I hear someone running, but I don’t care. I then close my eyes, hoping to stop the blurriness. I’m too weak to fight anymore.


        When he collapses to the ground, I race towards and kneel beside him.

        “Klaus?” I call.

        “Katerina?” he whispers.

        He looks up at me.

        “It’s me. Who did this?”


        “Okay. Let’s get you home.”


        “Don’t worry. Hayley and the child are safe. No harm will come to them.”

        I help him to his feet and put my arm around him, going slow for him, since he’s so weak.

        Once at the compound, I see the mess, but choose to ignore it for the moment. I need to get Klaus to bed before I can deal with anything else.

        Once in his bedroom, I help him lay down in his bed.

        “Rest. I’ll get that spell reversed and link the Moonlight rings to something else. We can’t have you like this every full moon.”

        “Thank you,” he says.

        “You’re welcome,” I reply, before leaving the room and going downstairs to check out the mess, which is the aftermath of the battle. Most vamps are dead, while the rest have been bitten. Francesca is still here with her family.

        I walk towards them.

        “How could you do this? You’ve disrupted the order of things.”

        “All we did was taken back what is ours. Who are you?”

        “Katherine. Now get out, because when Klaus regains his strength, you don’t want to be here. Plus, I would love nothing more than to kill you for this, but I’m refraining from it for Klaus and Elijah.”

        I watch the Guerra werewolves leave, before looking around at the vamps to see if I recognize any of them. I see that one of the bitten is Diego, Marcel’s best friend.

        I walk up to him.

        “Where’s Marcel? I haven’t seen him.”

        “I don’t know. Marcel and Klaus left the compound during the battle to fight.”

        “You and the others better stay here. I’ll get you guys Klaus’ blood, but I need to see where Marcel is. Try not to kill each other if I don’t get back before the hallucinations start,” I say, before leaving to go find Marcel. He’s an old friend of mine, since he helped me on occasion when I needed an ally to help me back when I was a vampire.

        When I find him, he’s seated on the ground with his back against a car, clearly having been bitten. Most likely by Klaus himself. After all, Klaus does have a temper.

        I kneel down in front of him.

        “Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” he greets me.

        “You need to get back to the compound. The battle’s over and the Guerra wolves have taken back the city, as I’ve been told. They bit your guys. I’ll get them the cure while Klaus is out, though I hate doing it when he’s not in the best of shape after what Genevieve did to him. He may be my enemy, but I’d side with Klaus any day over witches like Genevieve and Monique.”

        I help him to his feet and we head back.

        After I cure them with Klaus’ blood, Marcel informs me that Elijah was in the midst of the battle here. Since he’s not at the compound, I go in search of my ex-boyfriend that I still love. No matter what, I love him all the same. I understand that he left me so he wouldn’t have to return to Mystic Falls after everything’s over with here. Family always comes first. Always and forever.

        When I find him, he’s staggering towards the church; probably looking for Hayley. It looks like he was bitten too. Luckily, I brought a vial of Klaus’ blood with me.

        “Elijah,” I say, which stops him.

        I’m in front of him as soon as he turns around, which is slow considering he’s been bitten. Probably by the Guerra wolves.

        “Katerina?” he questions me, shocked that I’m here. “What are you doing here?”

        “I’ll explain later. Right now, we need to get back to the compound. Genevieve did something to Klaus. If you’re looking for Hayley, she and the child are safe with Davina. Davina owes me one,” I say, before giving him the blood. “Here.”

        When he has taken his brother’s hybrid blood, we head back to the compound.

        After I get the Moonlight rings linked to Tyler Lockwood, I unlink them to Klaus’ blood. I then go get Klaus some blood to get his strength restored. Then, when everything’s said and done with Hayley and the child back at the compound, I meet Elijah in his room and inform him about what happened to me.

        “Forgive me, Katerina,” he says, as he looks down at me. He obviously blames himself for not being there for me when I needed him the most.

        I look up at him and rest and gentle hand on the right side of his cheek.

        “There’s nothing to forgive. You had to help your family find and get rid of the threat. You also had to protect Hayley when she got pregnant, since I doubt Klaus was the one to protect her most of the time. Family comes first no matter what, for the most of us. Always and forever.”

        I give him a smile and we looking into each other’s eyes.

        A moment later, we’re kissing.
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