Battle of New Orleans (2nd revised version)

        It was a beautiful day, as Katherine Pierce stood in a corner and watched who she could only guess was a witch. She looked to be just a teenager. There was a guy she could see was a vampire, considering that it looked like he had been bitten. She guessed that either a hybrid or Klaus himself had done it to him. The way the girl was trying to save his life the best she could, Katherine figured that they were in love. She had known that feeling way too many times.

        When Marcel came in, he informed her about the fight he and Klaus had.

        “Did he bleed?” she asked him.

        “I got him pretty good, yeah.”

        “Show me.”

        With that, Katherine followed them to the spot where the fight had taken place. Then, when Marcel had left, she watched Davina magically put his blood in a cup and then give the blood to Josh who had followed her outside.

        After Josh was cured and had gone, Davina went back inside where she finally saw Katherine by the table.

        Davina looked at her, not knowing who she was, but guessing she was a ghost.

        “Who are you?” she questioned.

        “Katherine Pierce these days, though I used to be known as Katerina Petrova. What’s your name?”


        “Okay, Davina. I need you to bring me back to life.”

        “Why would I do that?”

        “Because I’m not exactly the friendliest person and I can tell that you aren’t either. Or I can always find another witch to bring me back to life, along with my daughter. It’s a little hard to be with someone you love if you’re dead.”

        “Does everyone bend over backwards to help you when you threaten them?”

        “Not everyone. Look, whatever revenge you want with Klaus, I can help you. I know the one thing that can kill him and I have a lot of experience in being several steps ahead of him. I ran from him for 500 years, but I don’t hate him anymore. I’ll help you with your revenge if you bring me back to life. Trust me, Davina,” she said.

        Davina looked at her, trying to figure out whether she should do what was asked of her or not. She didn’t know Katherine, but judging from what she told her, she knew how to get revenge when it came to Klaus.

        “I’ll help you,” she finally decided.

        “I have one condition. You need to bring my daughter, Nadia, back to life too.”

        At that, Nadia came through from the Other Side.

        “So, she’ll do it then?”

        “Yes, Nadia.”

        A few minutes later, Katherine and Nadia were alive again, back to what they were before they had died, but without Katherine dying of old age.

        “Thank you, Davina. I’ll be around when you’re ready to get a plan to revenge Klaus for whatever it is,” she said, before she and Nadia left.

        “Where are we going?” Nadia asked her mother, as they walked through New Orleans.

        “To find out what has become of Klaus and Elijah.”

        “I thought you hated Klaus.”

        “I did, but I’ve forgiven him for the dastardly deeds he’s done to me.”

        Suddenly, they both heard screaming.

        “Hayley,” Katherine said.

        “Nadia, I want you to find Hayley and help her and the child. Hayley and the child don’t deserve to be killed. They deserve better than that. Go. I’ll go find Klaus,” she said hurriedly, before looking for a bar. She knew Klaus well enough that if he wasn’t with Hayley and the child and if he wasn’t at home, he was more likely drinking or killing. That or he could be in deep trouble, since he was so good at peeving the wrong people off.

        As she searched for Klaus, Nadia followed the sounds of the girl’s screams, not knowing who this Hayley was. All she knew was that if Katherine wanted Hayley to live, it was beneficial for it to happen. There were very few people she would keep alive, knowing her mother.

        When Katherine walked into the bar, she saw a witch and Klaus. There was a body of a guy that Katherine figured Klaus had recently killed for a snack. That was off, since she knew that Klaus didn’t normally kill people these days. He thought twice about killing, unless the person was a complete threat.

        “Face it. In trying to become king of New Orleans, you’ve lost everything. Your sister Rebekah, Marcel your best friend. Even Hayley and the child will suffer.”

        “I will kill you for this!” he growled at her and tried to get to her, but was so weak that she got out of the way before he could even touch her.

        “You’re not in the position to be threatening me, Klaus, much less killing anyone. You’re absolutely pathetic now.”

        She held a hand out, giving him a headache.

        “Leave him alone. You’re just as bad as Mikael,” Katherine interceded, stepping between Genevieve and Klaus, facing Genevieve.

        “And you are?”

        “Katherine Pierce. You think you’ve won, don’t you? You haven’t and you won’t. He may be weak right now due to whatever the hell you did to him, but he’ll be back to himself soon and when he does, I’ll be on his side aiding him in killing you for what you’ve done to him. Now get lost before I change my mind and decide to kill you myself.”

        He watched their exchange, as everything started to go black from the headache Genevieve had just given him.

        Genevieve left the bar, as if nothing had happened between either of them.

        When she had left, Katherine turned around to look at Klaus. She could almost call him helpless, but she knew he wasn’t. He was just weak due to whatever she had done to him.

        She knelt down beside him.

        “Katerina?” he questioned.

        “I know. I should be dead. Well, technically I was, but I made a deal with a teenage witch to bring me and someone else back to life. She’s helping Hayley out so the witches don’t do what I believe they were getting ready to do.”

        “You’re helping me. Why?”

        “Because I forgave you for what you did when I was on my deathbed. That, and no matter what you’ve done, you don’t deserve to be tortured like that. What did that witch do?”

        “I gave her some of my blood for the Moonlight rings for the wolves. I didn’t know that this would happen on every full moon.”

        “I’ll resolve this. Right now, we need to get you home.”

        As she put an arm around him and helped him to his feet, his vision cleared and his headache vanished, but he was still weak.

        Halfway down one of the streets, Katherine saw Nadia with Hayley and the child.

        Katherine walked herself and Klaus towards them.

        “We have a problem,” Kat told Hayley.


        “Something needs to be fixed with the Moonlight rings, or he’s going to be like this every full moon. Nadia, I want you to make sure that Klaus, Hayley, and the child get home safely. I’m going to see if I can find Elijah. I need you to let Nadia help you. She’s my daughter. If any harm comes to her, you won’t like what will be in store for you,” she said, adding that last part to Klaus.

        Half an hour later, Katherine found Elijah walking down a street, looking like he had just been in a blood battle. She figured he was probably looking for Klaus and Hayley. He was staggering too though, which made her think that he had been bitten.

        “Elijah,” she said, as she walked towards him.

        He stopped.


        She rested gentle hands on either side of his face and looked up at him.

        “I promise, it’s me, but right now Klaus needs you more than I do. I stopped the red-headed witch from doing further harm for now, but he’s weak now. It’ll pass when the full moon is over with, but we have to figure something out before the next full moon, or this will happen to him every full moon. It’s because the Moonlight rings are linked to his blood. He, Hayley, and the child are safely home with the protection of my daughter. She recently found me after 500 years of looking for me.”

        “Then let’s go,” he said without hesitation.

        When Kat entered the compound with the love of her life, she saw the aftermath of a battle, which she figured was where Elijah had come from. She figured she’d ask what happened later when she knew that there wasn’t immediate danger on either the Mikaelsons nor Hayley or herself or her daughter.

        “Nadia?” she called.

        Nadia appeared on the top of the stairs.

        “That’s him?”

        “Yes. I think you and I should take care of this mess, while he spends some time with Klaus and the others,” Kat said.

        “We’ll talk later. Thank you, Katerina,” he said, before kissing her on the forehead and then heading upstairs to Klaus.

        Nadia went to stand by her mother.

        The next day, while Hayley stayed with the child which she and Klaus had decided to name Hope, Elijah and Kat and Nadia worked together to find out how they would get back at Genevieve and the Guerra wolves and Monique for what they had done. It seemed like Klaus had fallen, but he hadn’t, because it wasn’t long before Klaus got back to being himself again with his full strength.

        That night, since Klaus was himself again and they had taken down the wolves and witches by making the witches pay and banishing the Guerra wolves from the French Quarter, Kat and Elijah found themselves alone in Elijah’s room with the door closed. They were both seated on the bed after she had filed Elijah in as to what he had missed in Mystic Falls while he had been helping Klaus become king of New Orleans.

        “Forgive me, Katerina. If I had known, I would’ve come as soon as I heard.”

        “There’s nothing to forgive. I found peace after I died but I didn’t want to die. That’s why I asked Davina to bring me and Nadia back to life. I didn’t want to be brought back to life without my daughter. We spent 500 years apart, trying to find each other. I couldn’t imagine a world without her. She’s the only family I have left and I plan on spending time with her every chance I get, just like I plan on doing with you.”

        A moment later, they were kissing and ended up on the bed with him on top, but them being careful, since Kat was human and not a vampire anymore.
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