Ex to the Rescue (Kalijah)

        It was a dark, cold night in New Orleans, as Elijah headed home after having a drink at the only bar in town.

        When he saw a girl on the sidewalk on her side, he was instantly knelt at her side. He could easily see that she had been bitten and fed on, but was still alive.

        He gently rolled her onto her back and was shocked.


        He brushed some hair out of her face and looked down at her, making sure he wasn’t seeing things. She was pale from blood loss and the cold, and there were scratches and injuries elsewhere. When he touched her, her skin was warm, as if she was burning up. He could tell that she was human. No matter what, he had to help her. Although he had broken up with her, he still cared about and loved her. He hadn’t given up on her. He had just hadn’t had time to hear her side of the situation. Now she was human. That meant that she had taken the cure, or it had been shoved down her throat. No wonder she was in New Orleans. She must’ve come for help. His help.

        He gently pulled her into his arms and bit his wrist, putting it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat. He hoped it would work, since no one had taken it before. They didn’t know of any side effects to it.

        A moment later, he took his wrist away, which instantly healed.

        As he gently pulled her into his arms and got ready to pick her up, her still out cold, her body began to reject his blood.

        Half an hour later, he had her lying on her back on his bed in his room, at his family home. He had bandaged her wounds, but she was still under and burning up with a high fever. He hadn’t known what to do, so he had gotten a nurse to come in.

        Soon enough, she informed him that she had given her some medication for the fever and that she would be okay. He thanked her and then compelled her to forget everything since being called on, before she left the compound.

        A few days later, the fever went away and she began to wake up.

        Elijah was seated on her bedside where he had not left since, except to eat.

        He looked down at her, his left hand in her right one, as she came to.

        “Katerina?” he called to her.

        She opened her eyes to see a very relieved Elijah.

        She smiled.

        “You saved me. Thanks.”

        “What has happened to you? Why are you human? What did you need to come to me for?” he questioned her.

        “I was angry after you left me, so I was stupid enough to take it out on Elena and try to kill her. I didn’t know she had the cure in her pocket, and she shoved it down my throat. I’ve had a terrible summer. I wanted to ask you for your protection. I’m human, and I have many enemies. If word gets out that I’m human, I’m dead. Please, Elijah.”

        He knew she had gotten herself into this mess, but it was an accident. Besides, he wanted to help her. So, being the noble man he was, he promised to protect her.

        A moment later, they were kissing.
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