Love Conquers

        It was a dark night, as Katherine Pierce arrived in New Orleans. She had recently been dying of old age, but had found a way to turn back into a vampiress. Now she was a new vampires, arriving in New Orleans to try and win Elijah Mikaelson back. A year ago, he had broken up with her, before leaving to go help Klaus with a witch. 

        Shortly after, Rebekah had left. She was more than happy to be a vampire again, but she wasn’t 500 years old anymore. She was a newborn. Also, a year ago, she had lost her daughter forever. She hated herself for not asking for the cure, because she couldn’t show her New Orleans. 

        Half an hour later, she stood in front of the compound and knocked. 

        A moment later, Elijah Mikaelson opened the door. 

        “Katerina?” he questioned her. 

        “Elijah. It’s been a while. May I come in?”

        “Most certainly, but what are you doing here? This isn’t the best of times.” 

        She walked inside and he closed the door. 

        She looked at him. 

        “I came to win you back, but I also came to help you. I heard what happened and I want to help.”

        “Very well then. You may stay, but be civil. Niklaus and Hayley aren’t in the best place right now. Hayley’s killing vampires every night and my brother’s in a dark place right now.” 

        “I promise I’ll behave myself.”

        She headed upstairs to go find a guest bedroom to stay in.

        Elijah watched her go.

        The next day, she left the house to explore New Orleans on her own, while Elijah dealt with his brother and Hayley. He had filled her in on everything and she couldn’t help but sympathize with Klaus and Hayley. No wonder they were out of character. They just lost their daughter. 

        That night, on her way back, she was ambushed. She tried to overpower them, but she was a new vampire now. She didn’t stand a chance, no matter how much she fought. Then everything went black for her. 

        When she woke up, it was daylight and her Daylight ring was on the table beside the big window. She was tied to a chair with vervain ropes, which made her skin burn, smoke coming from her burnt skin. It hurt like hell, but she told herself that even though she was a young vampire again, she was still Katherine Pierce. Whatever those vampires wanted, they’d never get. She wasn’t one to give information out freely unless she felt generous or they were friends or someone she loved. Like Elijah or Caroline. 

        A guy walked into the room. 

        “Good morning. I’m Marcel. I just want to know who you are and why you’ve suddenly come to New Orleans.”

        “I’m not telling you anything, Marcel, so you might want to let me go.”

        “What’s your name?” he inquired. 

        “Go to hell. You want info? Ask the Originals and leave me out of it.”

        “No can do.”

        She screamed in excruciating pain, when vervain was thrown on her. She growled with hatred towards Marcel. 

        Several hours later, the vamps by the door were killed with their hearts ripped out of their chests and Marcel saw Elijah. 

        “You have something of mine. I need her back. Leave now and no harm will come to you.”


        “Very well then.”

        At vamp speed, Marcel was temporarily killed, when Elijah snapped his neck. 
        A moment later, the Original was in front of Katerina who had burnt skin all over, head down, eyes closed, and smoke still coming from the ropes. Wounds were all over her and she looked beyond weak and was very pale. Ignoring the pain from the ropes, he snapped them off her wrists, legs, and middle. He then gently put her Daylight ring back on her finger and gently picked her up in his arms, before vanishing. 

        Once in his room, he gently layed her down on his bed. He then sat on her bedside and bit his wrist, putting it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat to save and heal her. 

        After a few minutes, her wounds and his wrist healed once he took it away. 
        He put his hand in hers and rested a gentle hand on the left side of her face. 
        “I’m so sorry, Katerina. Forgive me. I should have been looking out for you.” 
        He looked down at her and waited for her to come to. 

        When she came to, she was on Elijah’s bed with him seated on her bedside, hand in hers, which made her realize that he had saved her from Marcel’s torture. 

        “Thank you,” she said, looking up at him. 

        “You’re welcome, Katerina. Forgive me. I should’ve made sure you weren’t in danger.”

        “It’s okay. It’s not your fault. I was the one spending a whole day in New Orleans. So, where’s Hayley? I did say I wanted to help.”

        “She’s out on a killing spree again.”

        “I’m going to go find her and help her. Don’t worry. I’ll be careful.”

        She got to her feet as did he and he helped her to her feet. 

        “Don’t be gone too long,” he said. 

        “I promise I’ll be back by sunrise if not sooner.”

        She kissed him on the cheek, before leaving.

        Half an hour later, she found the new hybrid. Bodies of vampires surrounded her. She reminded the vampiress of Elena when her humanity had been off. 

        She came into view and Hayley gave a growl. 


        “Before you do anything you’ll regret, I came to help you both. I heard. I know how it feels to get your daughter taken from you one way or another, but you don’t need to go on a feast, killing vampires because of it. Even if they do deserve it. In 1490, Nadia was torn from my arms by my father just moments after she was born for being Illegitimate. I never saw her again until a year ago. Then she was taken from me for the last time when Tyler bit her. I felt so helpless, watching Nadia die, but I was scared of Klaus; too scared to ask him for the cure.” 

        Hayley realized she was telling the truth. 

        “You think you can help me?”

        “Both of you. Yes. The pain never goes away, but there are less violent ways to get it out of your system.” 

        Half an hour later, they had arrived back at the compound. 

        Hayley went to her room, while Kat located Klaus.

        Kat soon found Klaus in his room painting. 

        “Klaus?” she called to him, as she walked into the room. 

        “Katerina. What an unpleasant surprise,” he said, looking at her, as she walked in. 
        “I came to help you,” she informed him. “I know how much you hate me, Klaus, but I want to help you. I heard what happened. Let me help you. Please.”

        “Why would I let you help me? You are the bane of my existence.”

        “Because you need my help. I know you don’t want to admit that you need help or that you’re hurt one way or another, but I know what you’re going through. I once had a daughter too, but you never knew it because I didn’t want anyone to know about her, since it was such a painful time. She was torn from my arms just moments before I was born, because she was illegitimate. My father took her from my arms and I never got to see her. I don’t want that same thing to happen to anyone else. I’m sorry that you had to send her away with Rebekah. It’s painful losing your own child.”

        “You had a daughter?” he questioned her. 

        “Yes. Nadia Petrova back in 1490 in Bulgaria before I even met you and Elijah. She found me a year ago, though. We rekindled our mother-daughter relationship, but Tyler bit her and I was too scared of what your answer would be to ask you to cure her. I had to watch her die, because I was too afraid of what you would do.”

        “I’m sorry for your loss. You’ve suffered enough throughout the centuries.”

        “Yes. Now you know what it’s like to lose your daughter, though I would never wish it upon anyone; not even you yourself.”

        “Tell me then, Katerina. How do you cope with it? Live with it?”

        “By taking one step at a time. It gets better as time goes on.”

        Later that night, Kat joined Elijah in their room. By now, they had decided to finally get back together, no matter what Klaus would say. So, Kat had succeeded in winning him back in the end. She was happy now, because of it. So, right now, they were on his bed having the time of their lives. Something they hadn’t had in centuries.
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