Let Me In (Kalijah)

        It was a beautiful day in New Orleans, as Katherine Pierce sat in the bar on a bar stool, drinking a shot glass of Bourbon, not having a care in the world. Her humanity was off and it felt great not to feel anything. Abandoning her emotions meant that she didn’t have to feel the pain of Nadia’s death.

        A guy came up to her, just as she finished her shot glass.

        “What’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?”

        “The same as everyone else around here. Sort of,” she replied, as she looked at him.

        “Why don’t you and I go somewhere private?” he suggested.

        “Not interested. Now go away,” she said without emotion, sounding bored.

        He put an arm around her, which was a bad idea, because she pushed him off and got to her feet.

        They faced each other and he attacked her.

        She fought back and they ended up on the floor, as a crowd of his friends gathered around and cheered, in a tussle of enemies. He was a werewolf, after all. She kicked him off and he got back on his feet, standing over her for a couple minutes, before leaving with his friends.

        She layed there in silent agony and wished, for once since she’d turned it off, that Elijah would come to her rescue, knowing she was weak from being bitten.

        When Elijah entered the empty bar for a drink, it was quite early the next day and it was still dark outside.

        He stopped at the entrance, seeing his ex, shocked for a moment, before recovering a moment later.


        He was instantly knelt at her side where she lay on her back on the floor, eyes closed, pale and sweaty. He could tell that she didn’t have much time left.

        He rested gentle hands on either side of her head, as he looked down at her.

        “Katerina,” he said, hoping to wake her, but she didn’t.

        He gently pulled her into his arms and got to his feet.

        As he blurred home with her in his arms, he listened to her shallow breathing with vamp hearing.

        “Stay with me, Katerina,” he begged, but wasn’t sure if she could hear him or not.

        Once home, he entered the parlor and gently layed her down on the couch.

        “Niklaus!” he called.

        Klaus came from upstairs.

        “What is so important enough that you have to call upon me?”

        He entered the parlor and saw his former doppelganger.

        “You want me to cure her,” he stated.

        “Yes, brother. I do.”

        “And why should I? She’s the bane of my existence.”

        “Because I care about her. You have taken every happiness I ever had. Don’t refuse to help her. Cure her and I’ll keep her in line at the best of my abilities.”

        Klaus growled, before going to the couch to cure her, just as purple veins began to show on her skin.

        Elijah watched, as he cured her.

        When she was cured, Klaus left the parlor.

        Elijah sat on the corner of the couch and waited for her to awaken, but when she did, he noticed a change in her. That made him realize that she’d turned it off.

        He got to his feet, as she sat up.

        “Now that I’m cured, am I free to go? I have things to do, and they don’t involve your or your family.”

        “And where will you go? You don’t have anywhere to go, Katerina, and you’ve clearly turned off your humanity. Let me help you.”

        “If you wanted to help me, you would’ve been there for me in my time of need,” she growled.

        He gave her a confused look.

        “I didn’t know you needed me. You didn’t call or come to me. How was I to know that I was needed elsewhere?”

        “You should’ve been there.”

        She told him everything, as she looked at him.

        When she had finished, everything came to the surface and he comforted her, wrapping his arms around her and letting her cry into his shoulder.

        In the end, they got back together and Klaus let them be.
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