Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire

        It was a dark night as Rebekah Mikaelson, in a witch’s body, closed the door and stood in the middle of the room, sensing the presence again.

        “Who are you?” she questioned, wanting to know who it was.

        A moment later, Katherine’s ghost showed herself.

        Rebekah was both shocked and surprised, having not known that Katherine had even died.

        “Hello, Rebekah.”


        “Don’t worry. I’m not here to haunt you. I’m here to help you get home and in your own body.”

        “Why would you help me?”

        “Because it sucks being alone and not being able to have the life you want. And I’ve always felt sorry for you. Besides, next to Elijah, you’re my favorite Original. So, what do we say we get you the hell out of here?”

        “Deal. What do we have to do?”

        Katherine became solid.

        “We need to hold hands.”

        “Why? You’re not a witch.”

        “No, but I am descended from Travelers. I tapped into my Traveler lineage before I died. I have magic. I may be dead, but this place is between worlds. I’m half dead and half alive here.”

        She went to stand in front of Rebekah.

        They held hands and Katherine chanted.

        Before they knew it, they were at the compound with Rebekah in her own body and Katherine back to being a full-fledged ghost.

        Kat looked at the originals, glad she was able to reunite them, before vanishing.
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