Brotherhood of the Damned

        Elijah, Kol, and Klaus found themselves in what looked to be a cabin, with four animal heads on the walls; a fox, a stag, a bull, and a wolf. After Finn showed himself, they found out that each symbolized four of their siblings. Klaus was the wolf, Kol was the fox, Finn was the bull, and Elijah was the stag.

        “Why are we here? Don’t tell me…it’s about our mother? I didn’t force her to drink blood and betray everything she holds dear. That was her choice,” Katherine said to Finn.

        “This isn’t about mother, this is about you. I want you to know how it feels to be powerless! So, I’m going to take the thing that matters the most to you. The city you’ve come to love so much.”

        “Are we quite done here? You will release us now,” Elijah said.

        “I will! After sundown. Because at sundown, when the marchers of Carillon Eve take to the streets, my barrier drops. Marcel and his hungry vampires will be unleashed to kill their way through the Quarter! I imagine that, after their atrocities, the supernatural community of New Orleans will be forced to find another place to call home.”

        “Look, I don’t care about the city. What I care about is that my very human body is lying at the feet of some very hungry vampires. Your fight is with them, it’s not with me!” Kol said to Finn.

        “All you care about is your own fragile mortality. But, what if you were made vulnerable? What then?”

        Before Finn could magically cause Kol any pain, Katherine walked in, closing the door behind herself.

        They looked at her, as she walked over to them.

        “Katerina?” Elijah questioned.

        “You must be the famous Katherine,” Finn guessed.

        “The one and only. You must be Finn.”

        “What are you doing here?” Klaus growled.

        “I’m not here to cause you trouble. I just want to help. I would’ve come sooner, but I had to learn a few tricks first and I just recently got wind of what’s going on in New Orleans,” she answered the hybrid. She looked at Finn. “You think you’re all powerful, but you’re not. I may not be a vampire or human, and I may be dead, but I have something you don’t. I’m descended from Travelers, so my magic is more powerful than yours ever will be.”

        “I never said I was. All I want is to make them suffer,” Finn informed her.

        “That was me for 500 years. I wanted to make Klaus suffer, but I didn’t. I knew I’d lose Elijah if I did. Besides, family is power and loyalty and love. You don’t turn your back on family. Nadia didn’t and neither did I. We died together as family. The only difference is that she found peace and I didn’t. Now if you’ll release your family, I’d appreciate it.”

        “Not until sundown when I release some hungry vampires,” he told her.

        “Suit yourself. I tried being nice,” she replied, before putting hands out in front of her and throwing a bunch of magic at him, which was more powerful than he could work with.

        Klaus and Elijah watched, Klaus with a smirk, amused now, Elijah silent, having mixed emotions.

        “Okay. Fine,” Finn said, giving in.

        She put her hands down, stopping, and Finn vanished.

        She faced all three brothers.

        “You’ll see me in the real world. There’s a witch working on bringing me back without the fast aging part. I’ll help you out.”

        “No offense, but you can’t do much as a human,” Klaus told her.

        “Don’t underestimate me,” she replied.

        A moment later, Klaus had vanished.

        “We’ll talk later,” she told Elijah with a smile.

        She watched, as he vanished.

        “Thanks for the save, sweetheart. I appreciate it, darlin’,” Kol said.

        “You never change,” she replied.

        She gave a smile, before he vanished.

        An hour later, a very human Katherine arrived at the compound. She used magic to bring the barrier down so she and Klaus could walk inside. Elijah would’ve come too, but he and Cami were keeping a certain secret safe.

        Once inside, the barrier went back up and she went to stand next to Klaus on the balcony.

        As he spoke, everyone looked at Klaus.

        “Vampires and werewolves of New Orleans. I have an announcement to make!” Klaus announced loud enough for everyone downstairs to hear. “By sundown, the barrier keeping us here will go down! Finn want to starve out the vampires and then release them to feed on the streets, but we won’t! I have an old, well, let’s say friend would be putting it too strongly, with me here! Dear Katerina has volunteered to help!”

        Klaus left to go find Marcel and Kol, as Katherine spoke.

        “You’re probably wondering how a human can help with an Original and magical problem. I have a lot of experience in being one step ahead of my enemy. That, and I’m descended from Travelers. Travelers are like very powerful witches. More so than witches during the Harvest season. If you let me help you, we can do anything. So, what do you say we prove Finn wrong? Most of you have lived a long time. I’m sure you’ve starved before. Even you younger vampires. You can overcome this hunger. You’re not weak.”

        There were murmurs of agreement at the end of her speech.

        In the end, Finn was defeated and put in a coffin, Esther and Mikael were killed, and Klaus began to trust her enough to let her meet Hope and Klaus went back to the compound.

        Katherine stood in the living room where Elijah and Cami stood, Hope held to Cami’s side.

        “She’s beautiful,” she said with a smile and tears in her eyes. She was still dealing with Nadia’s death. Her only child had practically died in her arms recently. She’d do anything to have Nadia in her arms again. To see her one last time.

        Memories of her surfaced, as she looked at Hope.

*Bulgaria, 1490*

        Katerina Petrova sat up in bed with her mom next to her, after giving birth to a healthy girl out of wedlock.

        “Let me see her,” Katerina asked of the maid who held her daughter.

        The maid began to, but her father walked in.

        “What are you doing, woman? Give her to me.”

        The maid did, as she was told.

        Katerina’s father stopped at the doorway and looked at her, the baby in his arms, when she begged him with tears streaming down her face, “No! Pa ‘pa! Please!”

        “No! You have disgraced this family!” he replied, before walking away to get rid of Katerina’s baby.

*Bulgaria, 1498*

        After getting off Klaus’ radar, she went back to Bulgaria to find her baby girl, when she was eight years old, but couldn’t find her. There was no trace of her, so she gave up and left Bulgaria.

*Mystic Falls, 2014*

        Katherine was surprised to find out that her long lost daughter, Nadia Petrova, was a vampire and, after hearing her mother’s side of why she didn’t raise her, wanted to bond with her and get to know her. Then, just in a few months’ time, Nadia died from a werewolf bite and Katherine died a few minutes later.


        She came back to the present to see Elijah standing in front of her.

        “Katerina?” he said, wondering if she was okay.

        “I was just remembering my daughter, Nadia,” she informed him.

        As he stood there, he wished he could do something for her, but knew that he couldn’t.

        “I was unaware that you had a daughter,” he replied.

        “That’s because I didn’t tell anyone. I had her out of wedlock and was banished by my parents. That’s how I ended up in England. In 1498, I went back for her, but I couldn’t find her. We didn’t find each other until last year, when she protected me from Silas and told me who she was. Even after a little over six months ago, it’s hard. She died from a werewolf bite and I died a few minutes later,” she informed him.

        “I’m so sorry, Katerina. If I had known, I would’ve come,” he apologized.

        “I know, but you broke up with me. Left me for your family. I wasn’t exactly feeling forgiving.”

        She looked up at him with a smile.

        He smiled back.

        “At least we can start over,” she added.

        “That we can do,” he agreed.

        “But first, I want to hold your niece.”

        He watched, as she walked over to Cami, who let her take Hope, and wished he could give Katerina a child of her own. Even though she hadn’t raised Nadia, she was a natural.

        He smiled at them together, happy that Hope made Katerina happy.

        That night, in a room with the door closed, they began to start over and were as happy as they could be. They got back together and began to make out on the bed.
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