The Devil Is Damned (2nd revised version)

        It was a beautiful day, as Elijah and Finn stood in the living room of the farmhouse.

        “Goodbye, brother,” Elijah said.

        A moment later, the house blew up in smithereens.

        Elijah woke up on grass in some woods alone.

        He got to his feet and looked around, wondering where he was, since he knew the Other Side had disintegrated.

        He began to walk around to see where he was, only to see someone he had left six months ago or so. She had been a vampire, but now she was human. Not only that, she was dead. He knew she was, considering he was too.

        He approached her, where she sat with her back up against a tree, a book in her lap, looking like she was trying to do magic.

        She looked at him.

        “Katerina?” he said, wanting to know that it was really her.

        “Elijah. What the hell happened to you? You’re supposed to be very much alive and helping your family.”

        “You’re supposed to be alive too, Katerina.”

        “Well, I’m not and neither is Nadia. We died in the same night and I can’t find her. I think it’s because she found peace, but I didn’t. I died of old age not long after Elena shoved the cure down my throat. Dying sucked enough, but Damon just had to get in my head and torment me with the memory of my parents’ deaths. Nadia and I were reunited after less than 500 years, only to be separated for the last time.”

        “I’m sorry, Katerina. Why didn’t you call? I would’ve come. Who was Nadia? You’ve never mentioned her before.”

        “Because I was upset. I felt as if you had left me for your brother. Nadia was my illegitimate daughter I had in 1490, that my father tore from my arms, just moments after she was born.”

        “I’m sorry for what happened to you,” he replied.

        “So, what happened to you?” she asked.

        “I sacrificed my life to get rid of Finn, who posed a threat to Klaus and Hayley’s baby, Hope.”

        She wasn’t happy that he had to sacrifice his life, but she was glad that she wasn’t alone anymore. Besides, they’d both go back to the land of the living once she got her Traveler magic under control. Maybe this was the time to rekindle their relationship.

        She stood up without the book and went to stand in front of him.

        “I guess it’s just you and me then. What do you say we go somewhere to talk? We have plenty of time, and I’d like to get out of here.”

        “And talk about what, exactly?”

        “Us. I’ve changed both mentally and physically since you left me.”

        “Then we’ll talk,” he agreed with her.

        A few days later, when they were alive again and in New Orleans, they were back together again.
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