Queen Death

A/N: Haylijah never happened in the series.

        It was a beautiful day, when Elijah woke up in a spelled circle in a house. He’d been poisoned with the rosebush thorns the night before. The Hollow inside of Sofia, Marcel’s girlfriend, wanted to become flesh by killing him. Because the thorns had Marcel’s venom on them, it was lethal. All Elijah could do was wait for his siblings to save him. There wasn’t much he could do. He was dying. He was trying to fight, but he knew it was only a matter of time.

        Meanwhile, Klaus found out that something had happened, when Hayley told him she hadn’t seen Elijah since the night before, so they worked together to figure out where he was. Freya tried a locator spell, but she found out that Elijah was cloaked by magic. She couldn’t magically find him. That’s when Klaus asked for Marcel’s assistance in finding his brother.

        Katherine, human, suddenly appeared someplace which she realized to be New Orleans, ascendant in hand and injured from her time in the prison world. She knew where she was, since Elijah was there, in pain and misery, laying in a spelled circle. She then saw someone there, obviously the one whom had caused this. That angered her and made her fear for his life all at the same time. Despite her injuries, she didn’t let her weakness show.

        “What the hell did you do to Elijah?” she said angrily, and magically pinned her against a wall. She then approached.

        “If you aim to save his life, you can’t. The thorns have Marcel’s venom. Either way, he dies,” she informed her, and laughed at that. “After that, I’ll be unstoppable.”

        Katherine stopped her magic.

        “No, you won’t. I didn’t come back to life to lose the love of my life. You won’t win. The Mikaelsons and I are never defeated. You’ll lose and go back to rock you crawled out from.” She magically snapped the girl’s neck. She then went to the circle and magically lifted the spell on the circle.

        “Please, hold on, Elijah,” she pleaded.

        Elijah heard her and then blurrily saw her, not sure if she was real or not, as everything began to go black.

        Once the spell was broken, she got him out of the circle and on his back. Then she knelt beside him.

        “Stay with me, Elijah. Don’t die on me.”

        She hovered her hands above him, starting a spell. She didn’t know what she’d come back to life in the midst of, but she could still protect and save him. She could use magic to make sure no one could harm him and siphon the venom into herself. She’d rather die than for him to.

        When Elijah woke up, he felt cured and saw a human and injured Katerina, letting him know that he hadn’t imagined it. He realized that she was somehow human with magic. She’d saved his life.

        He knelt by her, a hand on the side of her face, as she lay on her back with stab wounds and an opened artery in her thigh. He also saw that she had and was still losing a lot of blood.

        “Katerina, can you hear me? Katerina. Open your eyes, Katerina,” he called to her.

        When she didn’t wake up or move, he gently pulled her into his arms and got to his feet. He didn’t know how she was human, so he didn’t want to chance feeding her vampire blood. He had one way to save her life. He had to get Freya to heal her.

        Stay with me, Katerina. I can’t lose you. Keep fighting. Don’t die on me, he thought, as he blurred home to get Freya to save her life. He couldn’t lose her. Even after he broke up with her a few years ago, he still loved her. He always would. She was a piece of him and he was a piece of her. He could bare to lose her. He needed her to live. Besides, he hadn’t looked out for her for 500 years, just to lose her now to a simple human death. They were meant to be there for each other forever. He knew now that he’d made a mistake by leaving. Because of him leaving, she’d somehow become human and was now dying, because he hadn’t kept in contact to make sure she was okay. He had thought that she’d be okay on her own, just as always. He was wrong. Now, because of him, he may never have a chance with her again. He needed her to fight; stay strong. He couldn’t bare it if she died.

        He entered the compound to see that Klaus, Hayley, and Freya had been working on trying to find out where Elijah was. Obviously, they didn’t need to do that anymore, though. Katerina had saved his life from The Hollow.

        Klaus gave a smile, when he saw Katerina, but didn’t say anything. He should’ve known she wouldn’t stay dead. She was Katerina, after all. She always managed to either survive or come back, even when you thought that she was dead.

        “What’s Katherine doing here?” Hayley questioned, confused of why Katherine would be in town.

        “I need you to heal her, sister. She used to be a vampire, so I don’t know how she’s human. She did save my life, though.”

        Freya didn’t know who this Katherine was, but she healed her anyway, once Elijah layed her down on the table.

        Once she’d finished, she asked her brother, “How did she save your life?”

        “I don’t know how, but I assume with magic. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. She overpowered The Hollow. I was out for the rest of it.”

        A few minutes later, Katherine woke up.

        Elijah helped her to her feet.

        She let him and looked at him.

        “You’re welcome,” she said to him, before he could say anything.

        He rested a hand on the side of her face.

        “What has happened to you, Katerina? Why are you here?"

        “Don’t hate Klaus for this, but he knew that I was dying of old age due to Elena shoving the cure down my throat, but since you never showed up, I can only assume that he never told you. And I understand why he didn’t tell you. He needed you here at the time. I died of old age, because of how old I was as a vampire, and because Silas drained the cure out of me. Don’t blame yourself. There was nothing you could do, even if you were there. Besides, the best part out of all of it was that I got to be reunited with my daughter, Nadia. My father tore her from my arms, but I got a second chance. That is, until Tyler bit Nadia and I had to watch her die. Then I died. When I died, I ended up in a prison world and then when I escaped, that’s when I suddenly ended up there and kicked whoever it was that poisoned you with the rosebush and Marcel’s venom.”

        “I’m so sorry, Katerina. I should’ve been there.”

        “You couldn’t. It wouldn’t have been fair for you to have to watch me die.”

        Freya intervened.

        “I’m glad you saved my brother, but how exactly did you manage to do that?”

        Katherine looked at her.

        “I have magic. I’m descended from Travelers, so I was able to magically transfer what she did to him to me. I’m human. The venom and poison won’t harm me like it will vampires, apparently. Now, what I have I missed since I’ve been in that prison world?”

        They caught her up and even told her everything they knew about The Hollow whom was inside Sofia.

        Afterward, Kat offered to help them take her down.

        “I can help put the end to The Hollow. One, she tried to kill Elijah and I won’t let that stand. Two, I’m quite powerful since I’m descended from Travelers. With the combination of my magic and Freya’s, we can destroy her, once and for all.”

        They agreed with her and she and Freya searched for a way to stop her by going to Vincent to see if he knew how The Hollow was imprisoned last time. Once Vincent told them, Katherine knew what to do.

        In the end, The Hollow was put to rest for good and Hope was safe, as well as everyone else.


        Katherine sat in the living room, having a shot glass of bourbon, alone. Hope and Hayley had gone to bed.

        Elijah entered the living room to join her, figuring she might be there.

        “Katerina,” he greeted her.

        She looked at him, instead of the fire in the fireplace.

        “There’s nothing to say, Elijah. You left. I died. Now I’m back.”

        He sat next to her.

        “Thank you for helping us, Katerina. You saved our lives, including Hope’s. You almost died saving me. I may have left, but I had every intention of coming back for you. I had my family to look after, though. I couldn’t return until the time was right. Now, I believe the time may be right. If you’re willing to go with me. My family doesn’t need me anymore. Besides, I still love you and I always will,” he replied to her, looking at her.

        She gave him a smile.

        “Of course. I’d go anywhere with you.”

        He smiled back.

        A moment later, they were kissing.
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