A/N: Haylijah never happened in the series.

        It was a dismal night, as Freya looked at the crystal that held Elijah’s spirit. It was cracking, which Hayley had just shown her. Freya knew that she had to do something and quick. Otherwise, it wouldn’t hold Elijah’s spirit and they’d lose him forever. She didn’t want to lose anymore of her family. She’d already lost her father, her brother Finn, and her mother. She couldn’t lose anyone else. She had to make sure Elijah’s mind was right, before she could put his spirit back in his body where it belonged.

        Suddenly, she looked to see someone appear with what looked to be an ascendant. She didn’t know who she was, but she was injured. It seemed like the others knew who she was, though.

        “Katherine?” Hayley inquired, shocked to see her. Especially, see her human.

        Klaus gave a smile.

        “Well, well. Look who’s back from the dead.”

        Katherine gave a smile at them, as well as the girl she assumed to be Klaus’ daughter and the witch she assumed to be a family member.

        “Hello, Klaus. Hayley,” she greeted them. Then to Klaus, she said, “You didn’t think I’d stay dead, did you? I had an inkling you might’ve known I was dying, even if you didn’t show up.” She looked around to see that she was at the compound. “What am I doing here? What’s going on?”

        “Well, I could wish, can’t I?” Klaus inquired of the part about her being dead.

        “Elijah’s spirit is inside this crystal. I need to send someone in to make sure his mind is right, before I put him back in his body,” Freya informed her.

        Katherine was crestfallen for a moment. She couldn’t believe that she was hearing that Elijah was dead. She was lucky that he was inside the crystal, though. Because he was in the crystal, she wasn’t upset very much.

        “Send me in there. I know Elijah better than anyone here. I’ve seen the bad parts and good parts of him both. If he’s not in his right mind, I can put him in his right mind. It won’t take too long,” she volunteered. She looked at Klaus. “I’ll help get Elijah back, but first I just need a little something. I won’t survive the trip if my body out here is damaged. Do me a favor and help me out?”

        He thought for a moment, before biting his wrist.

        She drank from his wrist until she was healed. Then she pulled away and approached the magical circle.

        After laying down as if she was going to sleep, Freya did a spell on her which sent her inside the crystal.

        When Katherine found herself inside the crystal, she was in a hallway and everything was white, except for a few of the doors. She could hear happiness from behind one and yelling behind another. Behind a red door, she could hear a commotion, so that’s the one she went through.

        When she entered the red door, she saw unspeakable horror, though it didn’t scare her. She’d done countless things herself, so she wasn’t afraid of any of it. Besides, Elijah would never intentionally hurt her. When she saw Elijah there though, he was a different version of the Elijah that she knew. That’s when she realized that this was the version that he’d been a very long time before they’d met. There was so much death, and he didn’t seem to even recognize her.

        “Elijah?” she called to him, as he approached her, though it was like he didn’t recognize her, even though she knew that he did see her. “Elijah, it’s me. Wake up, Elijah.”

        At first, Elijah didn’t recognize who she was. He only recognized that she was human. And so, he sank his fangs into the side of her neck, feeding. When she didn’t struggle against him like humans usually did though, something familiar sparked inside him.

        “Elijah, you need to wake up. Please. It’s me,” she tried again.

        After a few moments, Elijah let her go, realizing she wasn’t exactly part of a memory. She was here to help him, and he’d almost killed her. Something he’d never wished to do to her.

        He stepped away from her, afraid he might hurt her again.


        “Welcome back, Elijah,” she replied. Then she walked out of the red door.

        A few moments later, he joined her.

        “I’m so sorry, Katerina. I didn’t mean to,” he apologized.

        “It’s okay. You weren’t yourself,” she replied. “Now that you’re okay, it’s time for me to go back and for Freya to reunite you with your body. Oh, and next time, try not to get yourself killed.”

        She vanished out of the crystal but didn’t quite wake up yet.

        Hayley and Hope were upstairs now, but Klaus stayed just in case. Now Freya was in the other room, reuniting Elijah with his body. Klaus would’ve healed Katerina, since he saw that she’d been bitten, but Freya needed to unspell the circle first. Plus, he figured it was best that his brother save her life, since he was so good at that. Especially, when he had a suspicion that Elijah had been the one to bite her, while she’d been inside the crystal.

        Klaus looked at Katerina from outside of the circle and hoped that she’d be okay. Although he’d spent a decade or so hunting her down, now that he had Hope to take care of, he wasn’t the same person he was back then. He’d somewhat changed. He didn’t want to see Katerina die. She didn’t deserve it. Even if it was Elijah’s fault for biting her. He figured Elijah didn’t mean to do it, though.

        After Freya reunited Elijah with his body and after Elijah was awake, he left the room to go make sure Katerina was okay. So, after Freya unspelled the circle, he knelt by her and gently pulled her into his arms. He then bit his wrist and put it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat to save her life.

        Afterward, she healed, which told him that she’d be okay. And so, in the end, they got back together. The Hollow was even defeated too, without the Mikaelsons having to become vessels for The Hollow.
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