Making Friends

I'm here to make some new friends I always find it fun to find people around the world and to have fun.

I'm not here to hook up with anyone I am very much taken by a wonderful husband.. I block people that think that I'm here to hook up or hit on that don't fly by me. Sorry Guys..

I Do make screencaps of General hospital, I been doing them for many years. if you would like to see them just ask for link..

My Hobbies are

I love to crochet, scarfs

Roleplay on rpme have many accounts.

I'm a HUGE Jasam Fan (General Hospital)

HUGE Liason Hater (General Hospital)

I have a social media but will not post them till I know you I don't add people I've never met before...

More to come
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0 | Oct 14th 2020 23:14