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My Rules!! Of Using My Screenshots

1. I am the only person running this, All Gh Pictures are done By Me and Me only.

2. I am no way associated with General Hospital, Nore the Actors.

3. Actors are aware of My Screencaps, And I have been giving permission by some of them On this site.. Yes If you where wondering Steve Burton, been told of this site. But I am not buddy's with the guy, And I don't know him personally..

4. I do ask if you are gonna use my caps I asked that you Credit Me When Using them,

5. If I miss a day or two of The Show and caps, Please Do NOT Get all Pyscho on me and yelling at me that I don't have this day or that day up. Once again I have a Life out side. I will not drop everything for you to bitch at me about it. I will block you.

6. Actor or Actress or Pairing Trashing Is a BIG NO NO with me, I have my favorite couple but I'm not gonna attack them cause I don't like there couple.. It's Simple Play nice Actors are just doing there Job that all.

7. Don't Bully if I see it. I report it.

8, Updates will Be daily On my Screenshots,

9. I post Screenshots every other day. that mean Mondays will go up on tuesdays and so forth..

More to Come!!

*TwitterQueen* (Lisa).
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