Jeon Janet(Single)

Birth name - Jeon Janet
Stage name: Jane
Sibling: Jeon Jungkook(BTS)
Birth of date - 1 January 2007
Nationalist - Korean/American
Trained for - 6yrs
Group name - Hot Pink
Group concept - Girl crush
Fandom name - Colours
Members - 5
Debut song - Power up
Positions - Leader/Main rapper/center/Maknae
~Personal Info~
She was born in Seoul, South Korea but raised in America
She is the only child
She is the brand ambassador of Celine
She is the moodmaker of her group
She is the most popular member in her group
Her role model is Lisa(Blackpink)
Her close friend are Jimin/Jin/Hoseok(BTS)
Fans ship her with Taehyung(BTS)
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