Alexa Kim(Single)

Birth name - Alexa Kim
Korean name - Kim nana
Siblings:Kim Taehyung(BTS)/Kim Vante(Stars)
Birth of date - 21 may 2005
Nationalist - British/Korean
Trained for - 10yrs
Group name - Lonely
Group concept - sexy
Members - 9
Fandom name - Hearts
Debut song - You and I
Positions - Main dancer/Center/Maknae
~Personal info~
She was born in England, but raised in daegu, South Korea
She has 2 Brothers
She is the cute person in her group
She is the most popular member in her group
​Her role model is Yoongi(BTS)
​​​​Her close friend is Jimin(BTS)
Fans ship her with Jungkook(BTS)
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