Kim Lexi(Single)

Birth name - Kim Lexi
Stage Name:Angel
Sibling:Kim Seokjin(BTS)
Birth of date - 11july 2003
Nationalist - Korean
Trained For - 7yrs
Group name - 21st
Group concept - Cute
​​Members - 21
Debut song - Choco
Postions - Main vocal/Face of the group/Visual
Fandom name - Generations
~Personal Info~
She was born in Busan, South Korea
She was raised by her grandparents
She has a twin
She is the cutie of her group
She is the brand ambassador of Channel
Her role model is Rose(Blackpink)
She is a close friend of Jungkook(BTS)
Fans ship her with Namjoon(BTS)
she is the third most popular in her group
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