David Min(Single)

Birth name - Jaewon Min
Stage Name:Jay
Sibling: Lisa,Yoongi,Yoona
Birth of date - 1 January 2007
Nationalist - Korean/Austrilian
Ent - YG
Postions - Leader/Main rapper/Lead dancer/Visual/Center
Group name - Hunk
Group concept - Hiphop
Fandom name - Rulers
Debut song - You want me
~Personal Info~
He was born in Korea
He has an abusive mom
He is the fashion icon of his group
He trained for 5yrs
His role model is Gdragon
His close friends are Haruto/Jeongwoo/Junghwan (Treasure)
Fans ship him with Yeji(ITZY)
He is the most popular member in his group
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