Kim Rhonny(Single)

Birth name - Kim Minho
Stage Name:Rhonny
Birth of date - 18 July 2005
Nationalist - Korean/Canadian
Ent- Bighit
Postions - Main dancer/Lead vocal/Center
Group name - Idols
Group concept - Sexy
Fandom name - Ideals
Debut song - You and I
~Personal Info~
He was born in Canada
He has an elder brother Lee Jaewook(an actor)
He trained for 4yrs
His role model is Kris wu
He is the Cutie of his group
Fans say that he looks like Yeonjun(TXT)
His close friend is Nicky (Enyphen)
Fans ship him with Yuna (ITZY)
He is the most famous member in his group
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