Natiley Jeon(Single)

Stage Name: Nova
Full Name: Natiley Jeon
Position: Maknae, Main Vocalist, Main Dancer
Birthday: August 8, 1998
Zodiac: Leo
Height: (5"4)
Weight: (130lb)
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Buk-gu, Daegu
Hobbies: Dancing, taking selcas, and reading

About Nova: She was born in Daegu and went to the same school as Jungkook. She had always wanted to be an idol, so she did a couple auditions, but BigHit scouted her first. Her parents and siblings fully supported her, and she was one of the first member line up with Kim Namjoon. She debuted with BTS and as a group they slowly rose to fame, despite the hate she got for being the only girl member.

She really loves purses and taking pictures. She also enjoys reading in her free time and/or dancing with Jun Hoseok or one of the others from the dance line. She likes the colors dusty pink and smoky grey. Her favorite outfits to wear are t-shirts and shorts with a purse as an accessory. She absolutely DESPISES saesangs even though she can't do anything about them. She loves ARMY to the moon and back and wouldn't trade them for anything. She sees BTS as her family and best friends.

She had always had a tiny crush on Park Jimin since they debuted, due in part to him always comforting her and being the adorable mochi he is. However, her emotions went into complete haywire when Jeon Jungkook openly admitted that his favorite ship from ARMY was NoKook. (Nova and Jungkook) Since then, she suddenly saw him differently and she now understood all those thirsty ARMY's and their obsession.

What they think of you~

RM: Ah, that kid. She's cute, but she's very strong despite all the hate she gets. I admire her for that. She enjoys sitting in my studio and watching me work. But she does make fun of me every time I break something. (Sighs)

Suga: Nova? She's a brat. She's always annoying me and wanting to buy me Americano or whatever. She's just as bad as Jungkook. Which reminds me, she's terrible at hiding her feelings.

Jin: Ah, my cute child! The only child of mine that actually respects me! I enjoy making her her favorite food. She enjoys my cooking. Who wouldn't, with this face? (Blows kiss) Aish, Jungkook likes her. Those two will be the death of Yoongi. (Windshield wiper)

Jhope: AAAAAAAWWWW! One word: AEGYO!! She's so cute! She joins me a lot whenever she wants to dance, or just when she can't get the choreography right for one of the songs. Wah, she's good.

Jimin: (grins) Ah, yes. Nova is cool. She doesn't like being called cute, but she is. Especially when she gets flustered around Jungkookie. Her and Tae are mean to me though. She refuses to call me oppa.

V: Hmmm......she's crazy......and cute......and shy.....she likes Jungkookie. But most importantly, she likes to prank the hyungs with me. We bother Jimin all the time. Jungkookie needs to confess his feelings! They are so cute together~

Jungkook: Nova is.........(blush) you know, cute. And other things. And I am a full supporter of the NoKook ship. ARMY's know what's up. As the Golden Maknae, it just makes perfect sense that I am shipped with her. No one else can have her!
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