Natasha Jeon(Single)

Stage Name: North
Full Name: Natasha Jeon
Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer, Maknae
Birthday: February 24, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 5"5
Weight: 137 lb
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Pensacola, Florida, America
Family: Dad, Mom, three younger brothers, and two younger sisters
Hobbies: Drawing, designing, reading, eating
Crush: N/A

About North: Born in the States, North grew up in her crazy household of 6 kids as the oldest. She had not been in the original planning of BTS, much less had she planned on becoming an idol. Originally, she had come to Seoul as an exchange student to study in the business of fashion designing. But while she was studying, she joined a kid's club and performed on the Voice: Kids. She was scouted and offered a position in a Kpop band if the opportunity arose; to which she accepted. However, North did not expect what the outcome would bring. The major music industry used her as a wild card and forced her on the up-coming boyband of BigHit Entertainment. She was meant to cause the band and the nearly bankrupt company to fail. Yet, North did not like being taken advantage of, so she worked harder and pushed herself to bring BTS the fame they deserved.

As a forced wild card, she believed that if the band did not reach success it was her fault. She knew she did not belong and the other members doubted her. However, until her contract expired, North could do nothing but give her best and work hard. For the first months, none of the boys spoke to her unless it involved business or the debut. She eventually found a friend in the eldest, Kim Seokjin, days before the debut. After the debut, the band struggled to fame and North struggled with rocky relationships among the other members. However, after almost splitting up, the group became as close as family.

North enjoys spending time with each of the members and she loves chatting with ARMY's. She still struggles with the fear of not belonging in the group and has contemplated leaving, thanks to her own struggles and what some anti-fans say and the hate she receives. However, the members all go out of their way to comfort her and show her that they are a family.

North's favorite colors are crimson red and black. Even with her busy idol schedule, she completed her design school and even helps in the designs for MV outfits. She likes fancy clothes and makeup, but is not against a good pair of pants and a sweater. She always has her own room, which is filled with stuffed animals. She has no ideal type and has no romantic feelings towards any members at the moment. She values ARMY's above her own health and will be up late chatting with them.

What they think~

RM: North has gone through a lot of emotional struggles. She still beats herself up to stay in shape and she still has doubts about being a part of BTS. I think I speak for the others when I say I wish we hadn't had acted as we did when she first arrived. She didn't deserve that, but all most of us were thinking about was how she was jeopardizing our success. (smiles sadly) I always tell her everyday, "You belong here. You are a part of BTS, and we wouldn't be BTS without you." She has an inner strength I wish I had, she falls down but then pushes herself back up. I admire her for that. I hope she comes to stop doubting herself and sees herself as belonging here; with us.

Suga: She gets a lot of hate, the most out of any of us combined. It pisses me off. These people attack her because she's not Korean, she's our only girl, and that she's not pretty. Lies. She is probably the strongest member here. She is talented, kind, and resilient. She always puts a smile on her face for us and ARMY's. (sighs) I just wish she would stop doubting herself as a member. I don't know if we'd be where we are without her. On a lighter note, she enjoys hanging out with Namjoon or I in our studios. She says she enjoys watching genius minds at work. (smiles)

Jin: Ah, my Silver Maknae and baby girl. She deserves the whole world and so much more. She works so hard to please ARMY's and to prove herself. When she first came, I was uncertain about our future with her there. But then I realized that none of this was her fault. She was scammed as much as we were. What's important now is proving them wrong together. And I know we've done that. (smiles) Her voice and talents exceed far and beyond. As does her stomach (laughs) She eats a lot! Which I'm glad about, I hate it when she goes on a diet.

Jhope: Wah, North has been through a lot. But she's very special to us all. She's our precious girl, and no one else can have her! Whenever she feels down, Jimin and I always do something stupid to make her laugh. Her laugh is so contagious. (grins) It makes me happy when she's happy. I hope she finds the inner strength within herself and realizes this is where she belongs. I don't know what I'd do without my dancing buddy. Probably cry in a corner. I love her to the moon and back! I hope we stay together for many more years!

Jimin: Hmmm......North is very talented and strong. Like me, she suffered with body confidence, so we worked with each other through it. She has a pretty smile, I don't like it when she's sad, it makes me sad. So, I try to cheer her up a lot. She struggles less with being a member of BTS, but sometimes she will randomly say she doesn't deserve us or ARMY. (shakes head) I think it's the opposite, and I think ARMY will agree. I catch her staying up late and chatting with them on Vlive. She loves them too much. I tell her to ignore the haters, she is beautiful and talented. They don't know what they're talking about. I hope she stays with us for a long time.

V: Yah, she likes to steal my stuffed animals because she thinks I look cute when I'm mad! (laughs) The hyungs were saying some depressing things, so I thought I'd lighten the mood. It's true, she struggles with her own fears and depression, but she doesn't let it get to her all the time. She's always messing around with us or talking to ARMY's. Her and Jungkookie like to prank the older hyungs. North and I are close, but we really became best friends when we both were cast for Hwarang. She looks very pretty in hanbok, but she cried when I died. In my defense, I cried when she died. However, that's when we became close, and even Yeontan likes her! She is a special girl and I don't think BTS would be BTS without her.

Jungkook: ARMY's love her a lot and they are always saying nice things to cheer her up or just to make her smile. She really does look to them for her support, she doesn't admit this, but she feels accountable to them for even being a part of BTS. She feels like she needs to make it up to them, but ARMY's don't care about that, and they're always showering her with love. (smiles) I remember when she first showed up, I was devastated. Not only was a new member a girl, but she was jeopardizing our success, AND she took my position as the youngest. But, I admit, I was cruel to her back then. Now, we're best friends and the most popular ship (proud) The Golden and Silver Maknaes, power couple. (laughs) Anyway, she's very talented and strong, and I hope one day she finally believes that she does belong here with us and ARMY.
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