Kimberly Kim (Single)

Stage Name: K.T.
Full Name: Kimberly Kim
Position: Sub Dancer, Main Vocalist
Birthday: May 13, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 5"5
Weight: 124 lb
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Gwangju
Family: Dad, Mom, twin brother
Hobbies: Taking pictures, swimming, dancing
Crush: Kim Taehyung

About K.T.: Born in Gwangju, K.T. and her twin brother were raised in L.A., California, America. Her mother died when K.T. and her brother turned 11. Her father moved the family back to Korea in order to get support from the rest of the extended family. K.T. wanted to become an idol so she could financially support her family, so she auditioned at Big Hit Entertainment. At first, she wasn't going to be accepted due to no girl trainees, but Bang PD-nim saw her ambition and decided to accept her. K.T. had some trouble adjusting to the idol life at first. She wasn't an exceptional dancer or performer, but she worked hard to hone her skills.

Her favorite colors are navy blue and dark grey. She has a pet dog named Fei, who was a gift from her brother. She loves to wear converse, skirts, and sweaters. Swimming was her favorite activity and she still finds ways to do it.

She and Taehyung became very close friends, doing almost everything together. They developed feelings for each other, but neither one has confessed their feelings yet. K.T. loves ARMY's to the moon and back and says her favorite thing are meeting fans at fansigns.

What they think of you~

RM: K.T. is hilarious. She and V are always joking around ans having fun. Their innocence has inspired me many times, actually. She likes to make sure we are all smiling everyday.

Suga: Crazy. Absolutely crazy. But, she works hard. Sometimes we exchange pictures, she has a knack for photography. (sighs) But most of her pictures are of Taehyung. Children.

Jin: That crazy and wild child of mine. She and V were born attached at the hips, I swear. Even though she has a twin brother. (laughs) He once threatened V and told him not to mess with his sister. V's face was hilarious!

Jhope: (English) K.T., MY GURL!! (laughs) She's awesome! She's really good at taking pictures and she works hard at her dancing. Her and V are really cute together. They are almost never apart.

Jimin: Yah, she's cute. Especially when she comes to me everyday and says something to make me smile. She has a kind heart. Her and V would have cute kids together.

Taehyung: Ah.....(blush) she's cute and we always spend time together. We like to play pranks on the hyungs and on Jungkookie. I like watching her when she dances. She's so graceful and always puts her heart into it. Someday.....I will confess my feelings.

Jungkook: Noona hangs out WAY too much with Taehyung. I swear, they never go anywhere without each other. She dances well, unlike when she started. She looked like a dying flamingo (laughs) But seriously, she's gotten better and better. I think she will go far in life.
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