Lynn Wang(Single)

Stage Name: Lynn
Full Name: Lynn Wang
Position: Main Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: November 4, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5"6
Weight: 133 lb
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Ilsan, Gyeonggi-d
Family: Dad, Mom, older sister
Hobbies: Baking, journaling, singing
Crush: Kim Seokjin

About Lynn: Lynn grew up in Ilsan with her older sister and mother, but her father rarely came home do to his heavy work schedule. Wanting to make him proud, Lynn secretly auditioned for BigHit Entertainment to be a solo artist. She made it, but BigHit placed her in a boy group called BTS. When her father found out, he was angry and refused to speak to her for months. Her mom and sister supported her, but did it behind their father's back. Heartbroken, Lynn refused to give up and debuted with BTS. She found a close friend in the eldest, Kim Seokjin, and began to develop feelings for him over many years. Eventually, her father forgave her and he is now one of her biggest supporters.

Lynn's favorite colors are denim blue and white. She loves to bake treats for the members and spoil them all. Her favorite thing to do is cook/bake with Seokjin in the kitchen and just talk. Her favorite outfits are soft pastel shirts with worn down jeans. She loves being called Noona by the younger members and is considered the second mother figure under Seokjin.

She loves ARMY's so much that one time she baked numerous amounts of sweets to hand out at a fansign. She goes on Vlive a lot more than the others and will even hold mini baking lessons while doing so. Because of this, she has a youtube series called "Lynn Bakes" where she bakes all sorts of treats and shows ARMY how to bake. Most of this food either ends up eaten by the members, or on one of Seokjin's "Eat Jin" episodes.

What they think of you~

RM: Wah, she makes the best desserts. With her and Jin's skills combined, we eat like royalty all the time. They should open their own show! (smiles) She's very sweet and is always spoiling us, especially the Maknae line. She always has some sort of treat for them everyday.

Suga: Her desserts are better than Jin's. She can cook, but she mostly let's Jin do that. She always makes me my favorite food when I'm down. She sings really well too. Lynn and Jin should just get married already. Their babies would be the culinary chefs of the century.

Jin: (clutches heart) Yah, she's so beautiful! Her looks rival mine, and her baking skills! She's too amazing, I love it when we cook or bake together and just talk. Her singing voice too, it's just.....wah....amazing. She loves my dad jokes too! I....well.....(blush) wouldn't mind marrying her and having kids. She's pretty and talented, how can I not like her?

Jhope: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAHH, LYNN SEO~ She is awesome! She always makes the most amazing sweets and things for us. And whenever it's someone's birthday, guess who made the cake! Yah, she's pretty and a good singer. I think Jin has competition. (laughs) She doesn't dance well, but she always gives it her best. I admire her.

Jimin: Lynn noona is so sweet. She likes to make me things and she gives me something everyday. Ah, she has one of the most prettiest voices too. I really hope she and Jin hyung start dating!

V: Ah, Lynn Noona. (box smile) She makes the best cupcakes and cookies. Her and Jin hyung's skills rival each other. TOGETHER, THEIR TALENTS WOULD RULE THE WORLD!! Also, their kids would be adorable. I hope I get to babysit them.

Jungkook: Yah, noona makes better food that Jin hyung. He always complains that I respect her more, and it's true. I do. That's because if she can't make me lamb skewers she just buys them. (smiles) Maybe she can straighten out Jin hyung.
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