Kim Luna(Single

Stage Name: Luna
Full Name: Kim Luna
Group name - Hot Pink
Group concept - Girl crush
Fandom name - Colours
Members - 5
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: October 21, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 5"4
Weight: 130 lb
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do
Family: Dad, Mom
Hobbies: Athletic sport, reading, video gaming
Crush: Kim Namjoon

About Luna: Born an only child, Luna had more opportunities to do things she wanted. So she trained to be an idol, because she always dreamed of influencing people all over the world. She was scouted by BigHit Entertainment and joined BTS on their debut.

She loves the colors black and aqua green. Her favorite clothes to wear are pretty dresses and elegant formal wear. She enjoys playing videogames by herself and with the Maknaes. However, her favorite thing to do is spend time with Namjoon in his studio and watch him work. Sometimes she even helps by coming up with lyrics or other ideas. They have become very close over the years and confide in each other frequently.

ARMY's are her favorite people, besides the boys. And she always enjoys doing Vlives and talking with them. She finds many similarities with the fans and loves to go undercover and talk with them.

What they think of you~

RM: (smiles) There's so much I could say about Luna. She's smart, kind, sexy, amazing....I could go on. She likes to come into my studio when I'm working to accompany me. Sometimes she helps with my work and we bounce ideas back and forth. This is kinda embarrassing, but some of my songs are inspired by her.

Suga: She sings well, and she actually does have some good input when it comes to songwriting. Namjoon is smitten with her. The two need to just kiss already. But not in front of me.

Jin: Wah, if she isn't Namjoon's type, I don't know who is. (laughs) She has a really good voice, sometimes I hear her trying to rap Namjoon's lines. She hasn't quite got there yet, but it's cute.

Jhope: I'm going to admit, she was a terrible dancer when we first met. Just like Namjoon. (laughs loudly) But she has gotten better, both of them. They are so made for each other. So cute~

Jimin: Ah, she likes to play videogames a lot. She challenges us all the time. When she's not with Namjoon, she and Jungkook are yelling over the videogame. (smiles) I can tell she likes Namjoon, she always smiles when she hears his name.

V: Ooh, Luna Lovebird. Haha, she and Namjoon need to get married. I approve. She has a nice singing voice and is smart. She's always reading a book in the corner if she isn't working or with Namjoon.

Jungkook: We play videogames together. She is actually very competitive, so it's more fun to play with her. Namjoon hyung needs to confess his feelings! Their googly eyes are too obvious.
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