LI revamp in testing, estimate is in 2 weeks but nothing set in stone
New animations and skills for existing classes — long-term item; doesn’t sound like it will be looked at for a long time
Megaservers and consolidations — no current plans
New player experience improvements — priority for update next year, no details
Gundabad expansion pre-order is coming soon — more info re: Bullroarer testing in the next few weeks
Champions poor performance on Legendary servers will not be looked at until after Gundabad
UI Improvements (5+ quests in tracker) — not going to be looked into until after Gundabad
Weapon swapping — going away; weapons won’t be able to be swapped while in combat.
Character creation descriptions — classes don’t match their described roles; more accurate text updates will occur. In case of low performing classes, ‘re-balancing’ scheduled for the future
New cosmetics as in-game rewards and purchases are on the table
TLDR; Hope for Gundabad, LI, Brawler testing on Bullroarer in ~2 weeks. Don’t expect other updates until post-expansion. Lots of ‘We are looking into everything and committing to nothing.”
Stop playing Champion on Treebeard for now unless you like to be useless at endgame.
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