The Disgraced Twin

Sometimes it is just hard for me to love my family. Sometimes I seriously hate them, as much as I try not to I just can't not hate them. Life can be so hard at times. I am just trying to find out who I am truly. But it is hard, when the people you should trust the most put the most doubt in you. Being the true me around them is hard, I know most people hide something from their parents but for me it is like I am hiding a whole Identity from not just them but myself. It is like the slightest change and they freak, they still see me as the old me and not the new me. I wish that my dad was still not around and on the road, as mean as the might sound it was when I was the happiest. With him around more I am more depressed and everything I was not looking forward to is here. Maybe if I just don't talk to them they might get that their words hurt and I am truly trying to change and be/find the real and true me.

The Unknown One
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0 | May 19th 2017 18:52