Little Activities - When Caregiver Isn't Around

Sooooo, my Daddy has been VERY busy lately with school, and hasn't been able to spend much time with me, leaving me to FEND FOR MYSELF! I've been coming up with a list of activities to keep me occupied in his absence, so I thought I'd post it here in case others need to use it, too!

• Playing single-player video games (my favorite is Animal Crossing!)
• Making jewelry (I have a TON of cute heads that I make into bracelets, bookmarks, and keychains- you could also make something for your caregiver!)
• Writing stories, poems, songs, or anything really!
• Drawing or coloring (if you don't have any coloring books, you can print off bases you like online!)
• Listening to music/playing an instrument/singing (a personal favorite~)
• Create a scene with your toys and create a story as you go along
• Making yummy no-bake treats! (I say no-bake because if you're in littlespace and unsupervised, I wouldn't recommend using an oven!)
• Create/try on outfits you have (model for yourself in the mirror!)
• Look up fun DIY projects (maybe you could make something to give your caregiver the next time you see them!)
• Spoil yourself with a nice bath! (Put bubbles in, bath bombs, use nice soaps, and whatever you like!)
• Snuggle up and watch some of your favorite movies, series, or YouTube videos (if you have a shirt or hoodie of your caregiver's, put that on too!)

**This list will be updated!**
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