Pete Corvus Biography

Pete Corvus has been an enemy of Grim ever since his first appearances on the show. Despite this, he is more of an anti-hero than an antagonist. Corvus is most notably a 2 time [[YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship|YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Champion]] and a former 2 time GTS Champion. He is a 3 time GTS Tag Team Champion, once with Matt Castle and twice with Grim, and former 3 time GTS Hardcore Champion (Also, the first person to hold the Hardcore Title more than once), also a 2 time Loser Belt Loser. Most of wrestling moves are Kevin Owens' signature moves. Pete is also a former member of D-Generation Fat where he won Tag Team Championship Gold with Grim. In April, Pete sued Grim for violating a no contact clause between the two and started the Pete Corvus Show, which lasted for one month until he lost a death match to Grim for ownership of both shows. He is a member of Salami Strong Style.

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