Oh yes ladies there are rules for you, if you intend to get down and dirty with
The Iron Man

1) No ONE LINERS - I repeat - NO NO NO NO ONE LINERS I would at least 2 or 3 lines maybe 4 in one paragraph PLEASE

2) Please respect my page

3) You can get with me always and have me yes BUT and it's a big BUT if you do storyline or rp (Roleplay) with me I need a plot / storyboard before we can start for example -

A blonde lady gets scared of the dark and needs company for the long dark winters ahead as she then would start breathing very heavy, Ironman got ahold of this happened and went to meet the blonde laying down before him as his bright white light eyes stared at her for awhile, he went to sit with her as he would slide her beautiful long locks out of her eyes

4) I will do more Ecortia rps than everything else but if you have a idea / plot please feel free to share it with me

5) if you want a Baby / wanting to bare a child with me then it will be streams of Iron lighting bolts going into you're lady part

6) Have fun fun fun and my character maybe able to fit into just about anything of a storyline / rp

Thank you for reading
Please heart this if you have had a read and understood what is expected of you and I'm looking forward to our chats and storyline
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