My Life

I have 1, Brother Who Lives in Saint Louis and a Sister Who Lives in Arizona and have not seen in 20, years and it's hard on me but I'm getting though it , The Lost of my favorite uncle who got a long with me , I have friends now on Facebook friends who I consider as my family, My Sister shouldn't be angry at us for no reason but I know we are all here on earth for a reason but maybe mines to figure this out but I just don't want to anymore and why is why? How can some one be so cruel and angry , My friend who is my best friend on here he has been a good great friend. Glad I started social media in 2013, in which it was raping, Kristen on Days of our lives , It was so great , to be her and Abi Deveraux and Gabi Hernandez, but now I'm me . Then I played Mary Winchester or a month and then it was me and me today , But hold on to what you enjoy and go for your dreams cause life to short , Now time to close but when life hands you a lemon . Make some lemonade `
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1 | Dec 3rd 2017 02:55