I go to a public school, I'm in band, I make decent grades, and I have a small group of friends.

I like Star Wars, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, Marvel movies, Lord of the Rings, and more.

I am pretty shy but willing to reach out. I don't actually have any friends at all that can relate with me when it comes to my faith.

I'm not afraid to argue or debate, but I'm not gonna get mad or be rude about it.

I'm not comfortable talking to people who cuss about twice in every sentence, people who hate everyone and everything, and people who like dark humor. Negativity isn't fun.

I love to learn, read, and write. Especially if it has to do with history or theology. I'm not actually very book smart, which is why I love trying to learn.
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0 | Jan 25th 2018 20:41