Daniel Ericson

Name: Daniel Ericson
Age: 16-28 (depends on rp)
Weight: unknown
Height: 5'7
Likes: drawing, dogs, wolves, starry nights
Dislikes: cats, bright lights, Bullies
Bio: Daniel Ericson is sometimes a shy boy but when u piss him off, u will regret it forever. He was born into a decently rich family but doesn't like that most people try to be his friend because he has money. He and his parents lived in a nice neighborhood until one day his parents were killed in a car crash which left Daniel to take care of himself plus take on some self defense classes. He also has a secret.
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Demented-angel goo.gl/images/FyzKSB
(Not sure if u all can see this or not but this is an image of Daniel)