Me ig (LilArie)

Full name: Arianna Ausler
Age: 14
Birthday: November 18th, 2003 ( really born on the 17th)
Ethnicity: Black
Grade: 8th


Seems like you've managed to be somewhat interested in me. Well im Arianna but you can call me arie. Spelled just like that. A-R-I-E. Im a really nice person once you get to know me but, i can sometimes be an ass if you piss me off. I dont like being pitied so dont come over here feeling sorry for me. I like drawing, sleeping, and eating. Yeah ik, im such a productive person :) I suffer from Depression and Anxiety so please dont come over here and make it worse. Im too nice. yknow? i used to let people run over me but that stopped way long ago...and its not starting back up ever again. Now this is only for me and i dont speak on everybody else but, DONT TELL ME YOU LOVE ME CUZ YOU REALLY DONT. I wont believe it for a second anymore, unless you show me by committing your time and affection to me. I've been hurt two times to many..and i deserve to be happy. Well until i find out what to put on this page this is the end ig.

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