Why I HATE being single

So... It's hard to find true love now because how scary people can be these days. It's like greed and misery repeating itself in modern era of 21at century. It gets so tiring to try, as I try dating online people didn't understand my true Christian. How I am modest person and rare to fine. But get judge by how I look because of my vilitigo skin condition and my disability.

Men don't get I don't want be part of drama, I got no time going out drinking and doing stupid stuff. My mom is sick all the time, I'm 22 years old and don't have time learn how to drive or earn my education because of my mom always in pain. I am force to be a full grown woman before I was ready to be and can't enjoy being young. I would feel so relieved if I had someone who supports me.

I understood how men have needs but so do I, I need someone I can trust and patience knowing I can't give his needs in return until I'm ready when we are actually married. Even how because my past I won't let him in my life so easily, I don't expect a super perfect relationship because that's insane.

There will be flaws like first time I get so excited baking him something sweet and end up burning it or embarrassing myself in front him because he talking too fast when makes my heart race. And tripping over air or falling down out of nowhere. Even our first argument and him making me angry but I'll get over later ( if he gives me big bug eyes look expression when he's mad making me laugh) or when catches me dancing randomly in my room. (¶∆¶) I would be horrified!!

But yeah.... Relationships aren't perfect they'll have ups and downs but I'm end you can't help but love them. I never experience love or slow dance at home coming. I miss my chances with boys many times because I was scared. If I could go back I would've let them in.
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1 | Jul 15th 2018 17:00