Only time I see my peaceful life is my dreams.

Imagine yourself in shoes you were bullied your whole life because how you were born and look like. Never graduated, it's why my life is total nightmare. I'm force take care of my mom when I'm disabled trying to learn how to get use to controlling my own health.

But in dreams I live a peaceful life,without anyone who calls me useless and not doing anything right. Expect you be this perfect daughter which insulting because she doesn't KNOW what I went through either did I know what she went through. It why I rather be awake when I'm in my dreams than reality because reality is living nightmare. I can be who I want to be in my dreams and nobody there make feel so horrible. If you dealing with your own family treating you like this you are being emotionally abuses and they are too stubborn to notice it. So you're not alone try not hurt yourself over it because it's not you done anything wrong it's ones you trusted who whole life.

It's our reality but people in my position should know I'm here to talk to them as well.
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0 | Jul 17th 2018 02:19