This guy... And my worse TUESDAY EVER! =-=

I finally have something to talk about!

Okay this person was like, oh join my Mystic Messenger discord server it will be fun! It wasn't i only lasted two days. Okay? What's more insulting they were allowed to post chibi gifs and post a picture I liked and it got deleted! Not even inappropriate either just girl looking down at a city. Oh and I was left out, I got ban for being different so f*** them you know.

And this guy... He can't expect me message him EVERY single day a relationship vi s not build on goals. I never been in relationship witness people being so stupid in front of me. When you want start a relationship don't expect them to message you everyday, okay? It makes you sound desperate.... =∆= I pray there is men in this world WHO'S not a man child and loves living in the country along with horses.
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0 | Jul 24th 2018 13:34
Kjl100100 *puts hand up* i am