Untitled Story Part 1

I stared out my window at the winter wonderland, my breath fogging up the glass. Then I saw them, the mortal royal family. They are going to stay at the castle while the Light Fey Prince and I choose one of their daughters to make our brides. Their carriages have their kingdom color, red and royal purple, decorated on the sides, at least 30 guards flanking them on each side and, their royal family crest on flags, flapping in the wind. I groaned, I really, really, REALLY, don’t want to choose a bride, but my parents are pushing me to make sure that the Drakon line doesn’t die out. So I must choose a mortal bride very soon. The Arelia Royal Family is the fourth family to visit us. I haven’t felt that certain spark with any of those snobby, uptight princesses. I was pondering the meaning and life and why mine sucked so badly when Father appeared in my room.
“Thorn. The Arelia Royal Family is here. Please make yourself presentable and come and greet them.” and then he vanished as easily as he appeared. I combed my hair and straightened the tie of my suit to meet my potential brides.

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