Untitled Story Part 2

I stared out my carriage window to the beautiful white snow, wishing that I could escape this prison they call a carriage. Mother is giving my sisters and I a speech about the advantages of marrying a Fey Prince and how we should most definitely make sure one of us snags one of the princes. I know she is talking more to my sisters, Venus and Camila because Mother does not like how I look. While my sister both have straight honey blonde hair and blue eyes, I have curly black hair with green eyes. I look nothing like Mother or Father. Maybe my nose but that's all.
“Remember girls you MUST be able to get one, or both, princes for yourselves. It is of the utmost importance. Right, Derek?” Mother asked looking towards Father, who is gazing into space,
“Right Darling.” is all he says back. Father always looks like he is eternally bored with EVERYTHING, it gets old sometimes. Now that I look out the window, I see that we have arrived at the and it is massive. Garvy, our driver, opens the door and helps me, my sisters, and Mother out of the carriage, then we collectively make your ways to the castle, knock on the door, and step into the foyer.

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