Untitled Story Part 3

When I reach the foyer I see Father, Mama, and my brother (I refer to him just as the Light Fey Prince) Blaze, were already waiting. In front of them are the people I assume are the Arelia Royal Family. Father looks my way,
“Ah, here is my son, Prince Thorn.” When I finally reach the bottom of the stairs, he claps me on the back.
“Thorn, this is King Derek,” introducing me to a bored looking man.
“His wife, Queen Regina,” pointing me towards a woman with too much makeup on.
“and their daughters, Princess Venus, Camila, and Ember.” Princess Venus wouldn’t stop batting her eyelashes at us. Princess Camelia was trying to show off her very voluptuous bosom. Princesses Ember was obviously the oddball of the family with her dark hair and green eyes, she didn’t (or wouldn’t) look at me.
“Good to meet you all.” I greeted them.
“Good, good. Now Marielle come and show our guests to their chambers, please. I am sure that they are tired from their journey. ” Marielle, our housekeeper, came fluttering in.
“Please follow me. Darwin, be a dear and get their bags,” she said and started to ascend the stairs. The Royal Family followed her. As soon as they were out of earshot, Father turned to me in all seriousness on his face.
“My sons you must pick a bride from these three girls. The Fey Council is not happy with how you two have been stalling. This is your last chance if you don’t pick a bride by the end of the season. Then you will be terminated.” Blaze and I gasped. Being terminated was the worst possible thing that could happen to a Fey. Especially to a Fey Prince. From what I have heard it is a very painful process. The Fey Consul strips you of your magic and everything that makes your Fey and they turn you human
“Don’t worry Father I will choose a bride,” I assured him. Father turned to Blaze,
“I will choose a bride Father I promise”
“Good,” Father said. Then we proceed down the hall to our offices, which we would be in until dinner.

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