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Untitled Story Part 3

When I reach the foyer I see Father, Mama, and my brother (I refer to him just as the Light Fey Prince) Blaze, were already waiting. In front of them are the people I assume are the Arelia Royal Family. Father looks my way,
“Ah, here is my son, Prince Thorn.” When I finally reach the bottom of the stairs, he claps me on the back.
“Thorn, this is King Derek,” introducing me to a bored looking man.
“His wife, Queen Regina,” pointing me towards a woman with too much makeup on.
“and their daughters, Princess Venus, Camila, and Ember.” Princess Venus wouldn’t stop batting her eyelashes at us. Princess Camelia was trying to show off her very voluptuous bosom. Princesses Ember was obviously the oddball of the family with her dark hair and green eyes, she didn’t (or wouldn’t) look at me.
“Good to meet you all.” I greeted them.
“Good, good. Now Marielle come and show our guests to their chambers, please. I am sure that they are tired from their journey. ” Marielle, our housekeeper, came fluttering in.
“Please follow me. Darwin, be a dear and get their bags,” she said and started to ascend the stairs. The Royal Family followed her. As soon as they were out of earshot, Father turned to me in all seriousness on his face.
“My sons you must pick a bride from these three girls. The Fey Council is not happy with how you two have been stalling. This is your last chance if you don’t pick a bride by the end of the season. Then you will be terminated.” Blaze and I gasped. Being terminated was the worst possible thing that could happen to a Fey. Especially to a Fey Prince. From what I have heard it is a very painful process. The Fey Consul strips you of your magic and everything that makes your Fey and they turn you human
“Don’t worry Father I will choose a bride,” I assured him. Father turned to Blaze,
“I will choose a bride Father I promise”
“Good,” Father said. Then we proceed down the hall to our offices, which we would be in until dinner.

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Untitled Story Part 2

I stared out my carriage window to the beautiful white snow, wishing that I could escape this prison they call a carriage. Mother is giving my sisters and I a speech about the advantages of marrying a Fey Prince and how we should most definitely make sure one of us snags one of the princes. I know she is talking more to my sisters, Venus and Camila because Mother does not like how I look. While my sister both have straight honey blonde hair and blue eyes, I have curly black hair with green eyes. I look nothing like Mother or Father. Maybe my nose but that's all.
“Remember girls you MUST be able to get one, or both, princes for yourselves. It is of the utmost importance. Right, Derek?” Mother asked looking towards Father, who is gazing into space,
“Right Darling.” is all he says back. Father always looks like he is eternally bored with EVERYTHING, it gets old sometimes. Now that I look out the window, I see that we have arrived at the and it is massive. Garvy, our driver, opens the door and helps me, my sisters, and Mother out of the carriage, then we collectively make your ways to the castle, knock on the door, and step into the foyer.

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Untitled Story Part 1

I stared out my window at the winter wonderland, my breath fogging up the glass. Then I saw them, the mortal royal family. They are going to stay at the castle while the Light Fey Prince and I choose one of their daughters to make our brides. Their carriages have their kingdom color, red and royal purple, decorated on the sides, at least 30 guards flanking them on each side and, their royal family crest on flags, flapping in the wind. I groaned, I really, really, REALLY, don’t want to choose a bride, but my parents are pushing me to make sure that the Drakon line doesn’t die out. So I must choose a mortal bride very soon. The Arelia Royal Family is the fourth family to visit us. I haven’t felt that certain spark with any of those snobby, uptight princesses. I was pondering the meaning and life and why mine sucked so badly when Father appeared in my room.
“Thorn. The Arelia Royal Family is here. Please make yourself presentable and come and greet them.” and then he vanished as easily as he appeared. I combed my hair and straightened the tie of my suit to meet my potential brides.

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Tragic Love Story of a Boy Who Loved His Sister

She woke up and saw her brother sleeping on his writing table in the room. They were not rich enough to have a large house with many rooms, they only could afford this small flat with one room and squeezed everything the needed in it. He usually slept on the table while writing when could not fight with the sleep any longer. Last night he worked for longer hours and gave in to sleep, she could not tell when because she never woke as late as he. She approached him, kissed his head and took a page he fell sleep writing last night, he had no work and contributed to income only through writing short stories online, sometimes they got long and he had to finish them on another day. The page was not completely filled so she thought maybe she can peak into the ending of the story and began to read because there was still time for her to be ready and go to work.

"How can love for something drive you crazy day by day slowly, slowly. When you really want something but it is just out of your range. Like a good video game for a kid who passes by the video store every day and desire it, looks at it, but just can't buy it. If that happens to you long enough you will eventually give into madness. It is same with me dear sister. I know that you have brought me up and have been taking care of me ever since our parents and are like a mother to me. You worked two jobs only to feed me when I was little and unable to earn any money, hell I still am, and these writings are not very well accepted because somehow my own self creeps into them, my passion is expressed and society does not like it. But what can I do, I can't keep it in."

With a thundering heart she turned the page.

"Seeing you going coming out of bathroom with your wet hair and then swaying it in the room where I could see every single day. I have to say something to someone, anyone, since I couldn't say it to you I started writing hence most of my stories base on the subject. I am sorry for hiding it, but I feared that you would hate me for what and how I feel about you. But this feeling is just uncontrollable and I can't hold it any longer but before I do anything that would discern your disapproval, I am going to go away from you. I am going to leave you, because I can't stop loving you.

Her heart was thundering her hands were trembling, her body was shaking her head was aching. Tears dripped from her eyes as she realized that her brother was deeply in love with her but she could not respond in kind. She had to maintain herself and him as well, otherwise the society would not let them live. They will be driven away and hunted down. As many before them were hung, burnt alive, thrown in pits and executed in most horrible ways thinkable. They will forever be named demons and children as abomination their legacy a curse, they will not find a place to hid and there will be no escape from their plight. She shook her brother up to wake him up but he did not move and his head slipped from table. Horrified she looked at him for a second and began to sob. She dare not touch him and only hoped that it was not true, she only hopped that he was alive. She wanted to call his name out loud but she had lost her voice, frozen in her step her body was paralyzed. When she broke off it she leapt on him checked his pulse, tried to find it, failed and let out a howl. Her body began to convulse rapidly and fell on him, face close to his. She closed her eyes, put her arm on his head and kissed him on lips.
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she thinks it's funny when we joke about being something else;;;

how depressingly cute c:
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