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Alice Bailey 10-Point Charter and The Luciferian A

Be sure to forward!
In this broadcast Evangelist Anita brings you Alice Bailey (Lucis Trust) 10-Point Charter and the Luciferian Agenda Exposed!
This broadcast also includes:
- Pastors write letter to girls and women getting abortions in Planned Parenthood locations Nationwide to say God is okay with abortion
and much, much, more
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0 | 0 Comments | by Heavenbound5511 | Jun 16th 2014 16:51

The Joker- Incarceration and Freedom

~ The Joker ~

With that Joker- you are associated

More than just acquainted

Now you are more than faded

Never more jaded

By choice so intoxicated

So you remain incarcerated

To you that joker cackled-

You're so shackled

With that game- so in fascinated

Never ever get reprobated

Gave no time to be cultivated

But you say- I'm so underrated

Calling your life unrated

That devil- you never irritated

Refusing Jesus- never liberated

Your heart locked and vaulted

Keep that heart hardened-

Someday to be regretted

Your faith so unevaluated

Gave no fight- never even sweated

By choice-staying victimized

And by Jesus- could of been customized

That Joker Got you rusted

By your free will- you're busted

To this world you are disgusted

So very unenlightened

Joker bluffed-you believed

Now self- destructed

In Jesus- truly never trusted

Through thick, thin and when you sinned

By Jesus- could of been restorated

You never even- anticipated

Through all this- Jesus has waited

Even though you disrespected

Doesn't matter if you feel complicated-

Jesus love never has disintegrated

Life truly doesn't have to be wasted

Card to Joker- make him devastated

To Jesus- to be celebrated

Come on get- Liberated!

by heavenbound5511

Recited by myself >>>

This resurrection life you received from God, is not a timid, grave tending life. It's adventurously expectant, greet God with a childlike "what's next, Papa?" God's spirit touches our spirits and confirms who we really are. We know who He is, and we know who we are. Father and children. And we know we are going to get what's coming to us - a huge inheritance! We go through exactly what Christ goes through. IF we go through the hard times with Him, then we're certainly going go through the good times with Him. Rom 8:17 (The Message)
If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.Roman10:9-10 (Ask God to also fill you with his Holy Spirit in Jesus name.)
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0 | 1 Comment | by Heavenbound5511 | Jun 16th 2014 15:41

Solo shopping trip

SOOO…today was my solo shopping trip/job hunt. Got my new glasses adjusted, which is good because they kept falling off and I had to wear this glasses lanyard that made me look 20 years older. My new work called me back and finally scheduled me so yaaaay moneymoneymoney. I celebrated by getting me a SOUL EATER TEEE. It was buy one get one 50% off at hot topic, and there was a Death the Kid shirt, but they didn’t have my size in that one. I knocked over a cardboard cutout of Doctor Who to get to it TT_TT
Successful social interaction, though. One of the sales girls helped me find my size in the Soul Eater shirt, and we fangirled over Stein xD
Then I went to the anime store and almost bought a Levi pencil bag intending to turn it into a purse, but then I remembered I don’t have those skills TT_TT
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0 | 0 Comments | by megan | Jun 14th 2014 18:58

So happy.. but...

Ive been with the guy ive cared for so much... who knew we'd hit it off like this... kissing.. snuggles... other things *wink* *wink*... but then we realize we may of screwed up on those other things... so... v - v yah...
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0 | 0 Comments | by Unidentified | Jun 14th 2014 00:32

# Get Real - Be Not Deceived

Time to wake up.. If you don't have a real relationship with Jesus get one, so you know his voice, if you don't know his word..get to know it..his people perish because of lack of knowledge..some will even hear from Jesus he never knew them.. don't be one of those.. seek him and let him give you a real testimony beyond just MERE words.. ***REAL RECOGNIZES REAL***,THOSE OF US THAT HAVE HIS HOLY SPIRIT HAVE DISCERNMENT. Ask for it in Jesus name.. Luke 11:13b .. If you love Jesus truly you will follow him..not the world...if you seek the world to love you and join in all their sins..and say you follow Christ.. the bible says you're a liar. Check yourself..before you wreck yourself.. let Christ unveil your eyes! He loves you and wants you walking in truth. Not self.. or devil deception.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Heavenbound5511 | Jun 13th 2014 22:14