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daniel's new friends

Thejasminesixx (Jasmine Sixx)
117 / Female / Single
United States
Hi I'm thejasminesixx this is my official page and I have others Website To...
AnnaMiley (Anna Cyrus)
29 / Female / Single
AutumnMoon (Aki Tsuki)
18 / Female / Single
Space - Poland
AliceUwU (Alice)
21 / Female / Single
Cuddles, Poland
I wish I could fine new friends who really want to talk with me. Most people I try to talk with usually just blocks me and I don't know why.....
21 / Female / Its Complicated
Georgia - United States
Please use they/them pronouns for me! I'm more comfortable with those :-)...
Always_Alex (Alex)
21 / Female / Single
Minnesota - United States
I figured I might make an account on here since my roleplay one is very packed. Im a very chill person if you get to know me and well I can be m...
berandaSharae (B. Sharae)
21 / Female / Single
I'm Beranda. I'm from Austria, Salzburg. My English not 100% best. But will try. Hello. Who I'd like to meet: ...
buckybarnesgirl (Reehana Abrahams)
30 / Female / Single
south africa, cape town - South Africa
Shy girl but sometimes fun and flirty ,naughty and romantic but only in roleplay. i been roleplaying for 10 years but on facebook but hopefully w...
26 / Female / Single
I turned off my brain a long time ago and the switch is stuck on 'off'. It's a practical joke, but I'm not laughing anymore....
DemonWolf (Jakarria Alicia)
20 / Female / Single and Looking
Deathsvilla, Wisconsin - United States
Princess_of_Hell (Lilith Serne Avante)
51 / Female / Its Complicated
In a one horse town, Arkansas - United States
Name: Lilith Serne Avante Title: Princess of Hell Occupation: None at the moment Religion: Celtic Pagan Abilities: Empath and Psychic Human Age: ...
17 / Female / Single
Let's have a dirty conversation~ Tell me what you'd want to do to me, and I'll respond It can the dirtiest, immoral thing, I'll still enjoy it~ ...
SlasherKevin117 (Kevin Daybutch)
30 / Male / Single
Horror Fan who mostly loves 80s slashers, but I love Stephen King Novels/Films, too. I collect Vinyl, Cassettes, VHS, Figures, Posters. I am into...
ravagerrose (Anna)
17 / Female / Single
Jacksonville, Florida - United States
Birthday Massacre fan. Want to know more? Ask....
Nerdgirl (Nerd Girl)
35 / Female / Single
ZoeRyder10 (Zoe Ryder)
17 / Female / Single
California - United States
My names zoe and i am a future bodybuilder and wrestler so if you wanna know more about me feel free to add me but no rude comments please im not...
28 / Female / Married
Hell, Wyoming - United States
Hi there! so im not really good with these "about me's" so bare with me! I LOVE all things horror, im happily married so please dont t...
18 / Female / Single
I'm bored and pretty open-minded. I like hot guys and enjoy dirty talk....
RyaneRage (Ryane Rage)
21 / Female / Single and Looking
Baltimore, Maryland - United States
Hiya i'm Ryane Rage. i'm a emo chick. looking for love. hit me up boys. i'm a huge fan of Supernatural,Harley Quinn,and scooby Doo, And Hello Ki...
myth_of_insanity (Brandon)
31 / Male / Its Complicated
Louisiana - United States
Welcome to my profile! I'm your average guy with a silly and blunt side. I like to game (casual Xbox gamer but feel free to ask for my gamer tag...
19 / Female / Single
New York - United States
~And then there was Damien, With a soul as empty as his eyes, This wee little lad pronounced D.O.A., Was already dead inside.~ Hi! I'm Hailey...
Lilith (Princess Lilith Serne Avante de Lioncourt)
51 / Female / Married
Slidell and The French Quarter and The Garden Dist, Louisiana - United States
Darkest greetings. I am Princess Lilith Serne Avante de Lioncourt. I am the Princess of Hell. My Uncle is Lucifer himself. As for my Father, well...
19 / Female / Single
huhwhatt (milo)
17 / Female / Single
ur mom's house, New York - United States
Heyyy, just looking for friends...
Curvybunny (Leah Kindle)
20 / Female / Single
Jurupa Valley, California - United States
Hi! just a curvy girl who loves attention, hookups and friends! feel free to say hi babies....
30 / Female / Single
Modesto, California - United States
EmilyFolger (Emily Folger)
25 / Female / Married
California - United States
I like to play animal crossing, watch youtube, and go to haunted loccations. I am shy and have anxiety which makes it hard for me to talk to peop...
39 / Female / Single
Akron , Ohio - United States
26 / Female / Single
18 / Female / Single
Louisiana - United States
I’m Alena. I’m a witch I’m going to Hogwarts I’m in Slytherin House I’m in my 5th year. I’m Muggle born. My mother is a doctor and my father is a...