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23 / Male / Single and Looking
Pennsylvania - United States
gamer,comic reader ,anime lover and fan of hugs that's all you need to know oh and im single and a littil heart broken so be nice please hoping to meet cool people and maybe someday not be single lol i play on ps4 and pc....with a controller but still lol

Latest Questions

Q. im sorry people do that alot to me
A. its ok im not mad or anything
 May 22nd 2019 14:29

Q. damn it dont scare me like that f***ing warn me
A. clam down everythings fine
 May 22nd 2019 14:21

Latest Comments

Is it back?
Jun 5th 2019 05:28

But still not long enough, it ended while One Piece is still on
Jun 5th 2019 05:12

Guess u got bored with me
May 24th 2019 23:20

oh well it said u loged off so i thought i bored u
May 22nd 2019 17:57

ok ill stop im sorry bye :l
May 22nd 2019 17:30

oh ok well i dont know if u would havewanted me 2
May 22nd 2019 17:05

wat do u mean how long ?
May 22nd 2019 16:59

do u want me to aadd another plot twist?
May 22nd 2019 16:43

okay thx for not inorging me :p
May 22nd 2019 16:39

oh ok do u like our roleplaying
May 22nd 2019 16:35