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sugarbelle224's Blog

Day 3

Well, today I went to a music festival and met some really cool people! They were all so hyped and I loved their energy! After, me and my bestfriend went to starbucks and saw a couple friends on the way! It was really awesome when we went to the beach to watch the sunset! We brought a picnic to the beach and watched all the stars appear, it was so cool!
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0 | 0 Comments | Sep 16th 2018 20:10

Day 2

Today I went shopping and found some really cute stuff! I went to brunch with my boyfriend and my friends, and it was really good food! I went on a hangout podcast, again, and then went home. Me and my best friend hung out and did a younow stream, which was really cool! Before I went to sleep, I streamed on twitch for like an hour and then went to bed.
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Day 1

Today I reorganized my closet, hung out with some amazing people, who had me on their podcast! I had a blast! After I got starbucks with some other friends, went home, and talked to some people on Instagram Live!
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