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(Matt Ryan)
22 / Male / Single
knoxville,, Tennessee - United States
ask me i might let you know
text: 9788068523
kik: youronlymaster14
snapchat: dead-ninja

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Q. you think
A. yes :)
 Feb 8th 2014 22:35

Q. what about Silver eyes
just wonder cause some people are born different form the world
A. they must look amazing
 Feb 8th 2014 22:29

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Just watching tv
Feb 14th 2014 20:18

What's up
Feb 14th 2014 15:37

Hi c:
Feb 14th 2014 13:54

So what you do in roleplay is that you pick a picture... of what your character is going to be. Then you decide what verse your going to do.. like a supernatural verse, a normal verse, hollywood ect. Then you make your bio of your character then you roleplay. :D
Feb 10th 2014 12:34

You gots no idea? lmfao. can I explain it to you. -thinks;
Feb 10th 2014 12:30

Haha Lost? lol Haha. I should ask you do you know what Roleplaying is?
Feb 10th 2014 12:24

OH YOU DID! Well it isn't where you put your own picture you have to choose a playby and stuff. :}
Feb 10th 2014 12:22

And if you do.. let me know! because that would be pretty cool to write storylines with you! :D Here's the link.
Feb 10th 2014 12:06

It is good, but there you write storylines with people and make up a different character and everything.
Feb 10th 2014 12:01

Oh.. haha, I found this out on if you ever heard of it.
Feb 10th 2014 11:59