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22 / Male / Single and Looking
Florida - United States
Yo Everyone it's nice to meet you

My Name Is Ace and I'm a college student and against everyone's belief I'm actually a very kind and gentle person And I'm very very intelligent,smart,and capable.
I'm 7'2 and yes I know that's not possible I've heard it a million times but it is and well I'm a nerd and gamer my usual outfit is Black jeans a belt a long sleeve shirt or a sweater and I do wear glasses and yes stupid but I do wear a chocker on occasion for touch but mostly a necklace with a dragon head design

I love to roleplay but I'm not here to be messed with or my emotions toyed with just because I'm a nerd and I'm in college now doesn't mean I don't know how to kill you and hide the body I only returned to college after a long-needed break And I will be a lot more social and I will be letting most of you see a different side of me one your not familiar with but soon I will be posting some rules and I'm sorry if you don't like them *opens the door* there ya go

Well Other than that I hope to have a long relationship with you all and see you soon!~

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