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(Tony Spirito)
15 / Male / Single
Elizabeth, New Jersey - United States
Hey. It's me again. You may know me from my other account (NeverAgain). This is just a back-up. So, come with me and we'll explore into the unknown.

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. I'll do that now. Thank you. (:
 Sep 30th 2019 10:23

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Nov 1st 2019 15:36

Up where?
Oct 14th 2019 09:12

i dunno lmao
Oct 13th 2019 21:15

yo yo!
Oct 13th 2019 19:50

Oct 13th 2019 01:19

Hi, whats up? Are you willing to chat better?
Oct 10th 2019 08:46

im bored.....
Oct 8th 2019 22:50

Thats, well, good.
Oct 8th 2019 19:15

No prob! ^^
Oct 7th 2019 17:54

That's good to hear
Oct 7th 2019 15:56