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Q. are you from texas?
A. Yea very small ass boring town
 Feb 14th 2014 23:02

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i missed you too, mine was great. how about yours?
Jan 22nd 2015 17:26

yeah, just been trying o get some things in order
Jan 21st 2015 23:48

good, hbu?
Jan 21st 2015 15:24

yeah im mad bored my man went to bed.
Oct 23rd 2014 01:46

not much just on here and on facebook
Oct 23rd 2014 01:40

can we can text still
Aug 25th 2014 22:08

oh, really? any good reads?
Aug 25th 2014 16:28

jenny, i'm good. how are you. been busy, huh? haven't seen you online in a few days.
Aug 25th 2014 15:10

that good than we can talk more
Aug 23rd 2014 11:28

muhaha. they say the book is always better!
Aug 18th 2014 14:49