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(Jester Quinzel)
19 / Female / Single
Gotham City!, United States
Hiya! Names Jester, Jester Quinzel! You may know my father and mother, Joker and Harley Quinn!

People say I'm more nuts then the both of 'em but it's not true, IT'S THE VOICES!!! *clears throat* anyways! I'm open to all ships, women, men, robots, so on so forth. But my favourite would have to be the master of fear himself, My Jonathan Crane!!!! TOUCH HIM YOU DIE!!!!

I'd love ta get ta know ya, say, you got any superpowers?
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Aw Im doing good and nothing really
Jul 2nd 2020 09:44

Good Answer not much how are you ?
Jul 1st 2020 19:33

Hey what's up ?
Jul 1st 2020 05:47