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22 / Male / Single
Not Disclosing, Classified Intel - United States
Just a casual roleplayer sorta, been writing since 2016 and onwards. Very selective when it comes to writing partners, and muses in general. I'm also on Discord as well fairly chill person for the most part unless ya get on my bad side. I have a strict "Not taking sh*t" policy so keep that in mind. Also if you're a person who bum-rushes people for responses AKA you have ZERO patience don't bother adding me capiche? Even if you're not here for roleplaying and just want someone to talk to that's fine. Just know that some topics might make me uncomfortable, and please don't bring up POLITICS with me cause it'll drive me, crazy man. Memes are always appreciated though especially if they're old-school kinda stuff. Very passionate about music, albeit rock-oriented stuff but hey that's something right?

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