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28 / Male / Single
Second Mesa, Arizona - United States
001. What happened to your queer party friends?
i inhale life and exhale words. [: i consider myself wise, so if you need to ask for advice! i�d be honored to help. i don�t keep grudges, and its hard for me to be mean, so if i am, you must have really cheesed me off. i sing, and i love spending my weekends laying on the floor and blasting music for the world to hear, some unnoticed attentiong atracts me, and i am not afraid to love for i love everyone as a person, and i love every animal possible. i perfer animals over people. scold me if you beg to differ. [: favorite flower is a sunflower! always will be. to me, they represent warmth and joy. two of many things that i thrive on.
im the person that could be your everyhting, if you let me. i like living life as a movie. im a child and forever will be� [[message]] spread the love!

002. Get on your knees and smile like a donut!! :O
i am me. dont try to make me feel less of a person because i dont suit you. i dont mind the way i look, act and say. if i need to change, i alone will make that decision to do so. but nobody�s pefection. im only human, but i do try and have great success of not letting it get under my skin. i like to see myself as my cup being half full, call me a happy camper, cause i hardly breakdown. hate me for it, but im not religous nor am i athiest. i take interest in all kind of cultures and their beliefs. but im more of a science person. sorry, but until proven different , god didn�t create man. but im no devil worshiper. as long as you dont cram religion down my throat, i wont fight against you and cram things down yours. lets be civil now, a flaw of mine, is that i dont take change easily. especially when im fond of it. people leaving me scares me, losing valuables is complete horror, and forgetting things is like a halloween scare. in the other hand, i absolutely love meeting new people! i see it as a hobby of mine! i love learning about new people and how they are and it amazes me how much people are so different or so alike. im very sociable.♥♥♥ oddly, food grosses me out. i dont eat seafood, manufactured sweets, or canned food. how do i survive you ask? beats me. [: i dont like name brand clothing. i can be one happy kitty with five bucks at goodwill. that�d be a grand ball. im also not into cars, i love school and learning and smart guys. [: i cant wait to see where my education takes me. it makes life so much more exciting believe it or not. so when im up and ready for it, i could never be happy and fullfilled if i work in an office.

003. "Paging Doctor Faggot. Doctor Faggot?"
young&@war. i enjoy the simple things in life and i perfer the little things than the big. i dont like faking feeling much. yet i like to keep secrets. im drama free and tend to spend my years like that. violence=unsolved nothings. i belive nothing happens for a reason, and that flaws are just beauteous. hugs not drugs, crack is wack, scene is dead so shave your head. thats how i see it. whatever�happen�to indiviuality? im old fashioned when it comes to everything. boys, girls, education, fashion, arts. i�m inlove with old morals and virtues, therefore my standards will never lower than what i set it as. thoughts, thoughts are constantly rivering through my head so i use music and art to release them. i write, i write like there will never be a�tomorrow. and i read like tv was never invented. sadly i�m cheesey and lame. i laugh at stupid things, and act like a child. though i�m not a real dependent person, i like being around people, and enjoy company. i see myself being fun when im old, and young hearted when i�m dead. i don�t like wasting my life being the sour one of the crowd. like a child i can never decide. so i don�t have much favorites of anything, or a type i�m into. i take whatever i can have.

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