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29 / Male / Single
Kansas City, Kansas - United States
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Latest Questions

Q. what is you favorite ice cream color
A. Hard question because my three top flavors of ice cream are Vanilla, Chocolate, and Oreos.
 Feb 9th 2014 14:51

Q. hey what is you favorite color
A. Blue.
 Feb 9th 2014 14:00

Latest Comments

Heyy, how are you?
Jan 21st 2018 13:22

hello there
Jan 8th 2018 09:35

Thanks for the request!
Jun 16th 2017 10:22

HULLO, JEFF.I am ECH-MAN. That's it.
Jun 5th 2017 01:46

You gave up ??? That isn't very sporting like Jeffrey. XD
Mar 8th 2017 21:35

Heyo Stranger! Thnx for the add! (Though I don't know why)
Nov 28th 2016 14:23

Thank You For Added Me
Aug 31st 2016 09:20

Thank You For Added Me
Aug 1st 2016 12:50

Oct 19th 2015 00:23

Thanks For The Add
Apr 16th 2015 06:12